Vytrus wins Beauty Industry Award at In-Cosmetics 2019

April 12, 2019

During In-Cosmetics 2019, celebrated in Paris the first week of April, Vytrus Biotech has won the Beauty Industry Award for Best Use of an Ingredient as a finished product, for the active QUORA NORI, which was a finalist at In-Cosmetics Global and In-Cosmetics Asia Innovation Zone Awards last year.

The winner formulation is the Serum Perfect Touch, also winner of the Cosmetorium Award 2018. The active was a finalist together with 2 other ingredients from the companies EGO Pharmaceuticals and Good Science Beauty.  In this category judges were looking for ingredients or formulation technologies that help give brand owners an added edge in efficacy and function, provide overall benefits to the end user and are also relatively easy to formulate with.

“Perfect Touch, Skin rebalancing and Vitalizing Serum” works hacking the bacteria communication systems, to protect and rebalance skin microbiome, thanks to its active ingredient QUORA NONI, made from plant stem cells of the Noni plant. This ingredient presents a new mechanism of action against acne and other skin conditions. Perfect Touch is made following a sophisticated strategy: more natural, more intelligent and more respectful with the skin and the environment.

The Beauty Industry Awards are organized by the famous online magazine Cosmetics Design, and this is their 3rd edition, and the second time Vytrus is selected as a winner. On 2017, Vytrus won the Award for Best Hair Care ingredient, for the active for hair growth CAPILIA LONGA.

This is the 3rd award received by Vytrus during In-Cosmetics 2019, that has also won the GOLD Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award for the new active OLEA VITAEThe first Cellular Oil, and the GOLD Green Award, for the active SARCOSLIM RE-SHAPE.