Vytrus unveils plant exosomes for skin & hair care rich in Exosomic Peptides™

June 18, 2024

Exosomes, also known as Ectosomes or Small Extracellular Vesicles (sEVs), are naturally secreted by cells and surrounded by a lipid membrane. These vesicles contain crucial biological components such as DNA, RNA, proteins, and various bioactive compounds.

Contrary to the growing interest in synthetic or biomimetic exosomes, which are engineered to mimic natural exosome functions but differ structurally, Vytrus Biotech focuses on natural plant exosomes structurally intact. Their similarity to mammalian exosomes allows them to effectively penetrate human cells, facilitating Cross-kingdom communication, while also enabling their customization to meet specific cosmetic needs.

Vytrus Biotech envisions exosomes as “natural biological communicators”, essential in transmitting vital biological information. In cosmetics, they provide numerous benefits, including anti-inflammatory effects, improved aging, immunomodulatory properties, enhanced healing and hydration, synthesis of key extracellular matrix proteins (collagen, elastin), skin protection, microbiota modulation, regeneration, and skin homeostasis.

In its aim of advancing the latest cosmetic science, Vytrus’ research has led to the discovery of Exosomic Peptides™ within these plant exosomes, introducing a new cosmetic ingredient that offers significant anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and anti-wrinkle benefits.

Through its biotechnology platforms, Vytrus has effectively produced and characterized real plant exosomes from Curcuma longa and Centella asiatica plant stem cell cultures, obtaining a high exosome concentration vs traditional plant sources reaching levels of billions of exosomes/ml. Curcuma longa exosomes have very interesting applications in the improvement of skin hydration and regeneration, as well as the hair density increase and delay of hair loss. Whereas Centella asiatica has the potential to encapsulate and protect compounds of interest such as growth factors, proteins, and peptides.

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