Vytrus ends its Indiegogo campaign

October 22, 2018

With 194 backers, the Indiegogo campaign managed to exceed the initial amount needed to produce the product, 18,000€, in just 20 days, and reached 31,192€, 174%, in 4 months. The campaign closed last November, when they stopped accepting orders, and during this year they have been delivering the different rewards offered:

Vytrus Hair loss treatments Vytrus Hair, made with Vytrus’ active ingredient Capilia Longa, were all delivered from October last year until January 2018, when stocks ran out.

On the other hand, the company, which had committed to support a reforestation project, collaborated in spring in a tree planting with the Social Forest entity, specialized in sustainable forest management and providing employment and forestry training to people at risk of social exclusion. Vytrus will continue its collaboration with other Social Forest projects during 2019.

Finally, during the summer months, Vytrus prepared the last missing reward: a basic hair care guide, based on the idea of hair phenology: the growth and seasonal changes of our hair.

From Vytrus Biotech, we want to thank each of our sponsors for their help and support, dedicating this space on our website for it.

To all of you, as well as to those who have preferred to remain anonymous, thank you very much!

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