Vytrus renews alliance with the Red Cross for 2024

October 30, 2023
On October 30th, Vytrus Biotech formalized its alliance with the Terrassa Red Cross for another year, consolidating its commitment to the local community. This partnership implies a valuable contribution, providing support to the Socio-Educational Accompaniment Space and the Dining Room Scholarship, benefiting the young people of the Montperdut Institute in Terrassa, Barcelona.

The Red Cross, with its focus on projects for the most disadvantaged groups, seeks the involvement of the business fabric of Terrassa. In this context, Vytrus, as a committed company, joins the initiative for another year, strengthening the mission of improving the development of the local community.

As part of this collaboration, Vytrus will continue to collaborate with the project of the Space for Socio-Educational Accompaniment and inclusive scholarships-dining rooms for young people aged 12 to 18 in situations of social vulnerability at the Montperdut Institute in Terrassa (Barcelona, Spain). These scholarships, accompanied by supervised socio-educational activities, aim to contribute both to the growth of young people, as well as to their personal development and academic improvement, maintaining the commitment and alliance in 2024.  In May, representatives of Vytrus, together with the Director and Head of Studies of the institute, visited the Humanitarian Platform of the Red Cross in Catalonia, in Sant Martí de Tous. During this visit, the bond between Vytrus and the young people was strengthened by having a business and labor reference. In addition, the significant humanitarian work carried out by the Red Cross was highlighted.

The renewed alliance with the Red Cross highlights Vytrus’ firm social commitment to well-being and education, as well as support for socio-educational support.