Vytrus received Best Ingredient Award for its active Photobiome™ at in-cosmetics Korea

July 13, 2023

Vytrus Biotech, has received the Bronze Best Ingredient Award 2023 at in-cosmetics Korea for its active ingredient PHOTOBIOME™, the microbiota photoprotector.

The active has been ranked third in the Best Ingredient Awards at the 2023 Korean edition, the leading trade fair for personal care ingredients in South Korea and a reference in the Asian continent. The awards ceremony took place on Wednesday, July 12 at the fair held in Seoul, South Korea, where the award was presented to the Vytrus Biotech sales team.


Following its recognition at the BSB Innovation Awards and placing among the top 10 finalists worldwide at the in-cosmetics Global Innovation Awards in March, this award for Photobiome™ in the land of K-Beauty trends reinforces its positioning among the latest innovations launched on the market.

The in-cosmetics Korea 2023 fair annually brings together the major key players in the value chain of the cosmetics industry on the Asian continent and sets the main cosmetic trends worldwide. It is the 5th country in the world that exports the most cosmetic products, reaching 8.5 billion dollars in 2021 and being a gateway to important markets such as China and Japan. Vytrus Biotech is present in the main Asian markets and in 2022 increased its sales in this geographic area by 29%.

The new active Photobiome™ opens the door to a new category of Microbial Antioxidants by helping our skin microbiota photoprotect itself by protecting and nourishing bacteria, modulating the release of its own natural photo-defense molecules that improves the signs of the photoageing process on the skin.

The new Sun-Microbiota-Skin axis

Vytrus has been researching in the field of skin microbiota for 10 years and has discovered metabolic pathways for applications such as acne, biological deodorant, interaction with brain and pleasure hormones, as well as skin ageing linked to the ageing of bacterial populations inhabiting our most superficial skin layer.

Now Vytrus unveils with Photobiome its latest scientific advances in the microbiota field and describes a new biological approach: the Sun-Microbiota-Skin axis, elucidating the important role of the microbiota in relation to the effects of solar radiation on the skin, either in favor or to the detriment of the skin tissue. The active combats the skin photo-ageing from excessive sun exposure by photoprotecting the skin microbiota.



Biotech pushes boundaries in sun care and healthy ageing

Photobiome involves a new paradigm in the suncare and well-ageing markets and a step forward and a scientific discovery in the microbiota field. This new category of biotechnology-based active ingredients offers cosmetic formulations new pathways to protect and repair skin photodamage with a sustainable solution based on plant biotechnology:

  • Preventive & treating antioxidant formulations
  • Tackling photoageing – products to take care of wrinkles (crow’s feet area, bar code, eye contour)
  • Preventive & reparative suncare formulations
  • Treatments to improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation