Vytrus presents its Corporate Social Responsibility Project

November 30, 2021

We are happy to announce our corporate social responsibility project. The Vytrus CSR project, which began with our foundation 12 years ago, goes beyond any current trend and is explained by the awareness of the founders and by our own activity. The raw material, plants, and the technology, biotechnology, gives a focus on respect for nature and the environment, promoting values such as sustainability, social awareness, transparency and honesty, which form our culture and the distinguishing features of its spirit and character, the DNA.

The Vytrus project is developed through 4 central axes: people, planet, company and social commitment.

  1. People are the soul of Vytrus

People are a priority and one of the main assets in our company’s value chain. The Vytrus’ values are aligned with its human team, which proposes them, thus sharing and participating in the CSR commitment.

  1. The planet, a commitment to socially sustainable investment

At Vytrus we ensure that our actions are sustainable throughout the environment, enhancing the benefits provided by biotechnology. Seeking positive impacts, such as the genetic reservoir, the possibility of working with exotic plants, endangered and endemic species, which allows for recovery, replanting and repopulation.

Returning to nature what nature has given us” is Vytrus’ commitment to the planet and nature. A project in which its ingredients allocate a percentage of their turnover to sponsoring social, scientific or research projects, preservation of nature and plants, the environment and/or climate change, among others. In this way, we formalize close alliances with entities and projects with these synergies.

  1. Conscious company

Vytrus is ISO9001 and GMP-EFfCi certified; Plantino Medal by Ecovadis in 2021 for its good practices in CSR and sustainability; COSMOS-Ecocert and ISO 16128 certified ingredients (with a 100% natural origin portfolio); we use 100% renewable energy and we implement an internal recycling project.

Vytrus conducts transparent, honest, ethical, and sustainable management. A year ago, we created the CSR Committee to put sustainability at the heart of the company and identify areas for improvement.

Sustainable and conscious cosmetics, a new way of acting in the cosmetics industry, in terms of business management and product generation.

Natural ingredients that provide solutions that contribute to people’s health and well-being, created considering their environmental, social and economic impact. To address inner beauty through personal care, with respectful and natural treatments that provide security and confidence, improving people’s quality of life.

  1. Social commitment, solidarity

At Vytrus, the social commitment involves the creation of community awareness in the environment in which it grows and develops its activity. Through local involvement with social entities, reinsertion, solidarity actions, donations, reforestation of natural spaces, etc.

We understand that the successes of science are the driving force behind the progress of society and scientific culture is key to raising awareness of sustainability, encouraging critical and innovative thinking. We endorse a model that combines innovation and sustainability in a profitable business to achieve a better world.