Vytrus launches Vytrus Hair on Indiegogo

July 13, 2017

Vytrus Biotech launches the Crowdfunding campaign Vytrus Hair: a hair-growth lotion available exclusively on Indiegogo, and that has reached already more than 60%  of its goal in less than 2 weeks. Vytrus Hair stops hair loss and makes it grow again. This product is made from Capilia LongaPPF, the company’s active ingredient from turmeric, winner of the international Beauty Industry Award for Best Hair Care Ingredient 2017.

Vytrus Hair is on sale exclusively, and only for a month, on the Indiegogo websitewww.indiegogo.com/projects/vytrus-hair

The lotion is a highly efficient anti-hair loss product (up to 89% hair loss reduction, up to 52% hair density increase, and an average of 13.500 new hairs), and this campaign is an opportunity to offer a product that works to people with hair problems, as well as to present the company to a wider audience, and get the opinion of the consumer: at the end of the campaign there will be polls sent to all the backers, with questions related to the product. This will allow the company to improve and it will represent a complete market study. Backers will also be asked (voluntarily) to send pictures or videos of them before and after the treatment.

The campaign started on July 5th, and reached 30% in less than 48 hours, and it has passed the 60% goal two weeks after its launch.  From the buying options or rewards offered, there is the possibility to get the 3 month treatment, to stop hair loss, or the 6 month treatment to stop hair loss and make hair grow again. There are special early birds for the first backers, and in fact, the first Super Early Bird that offered the 6 month treatment with a 50% discount, sold out during the first 4 days.

A part of the treatments, there is the possibility to get other rewards, of 10 and 20 Euros (this one includes the collaboration on a reforestation project), or giving any amount as a donation.

All the campaign information is available on the Indiegogo website  and on the Social Nextworks, Facebook and Twitter  both in English and Spanish where there are daily updates.

How does the campaign work?

Starting on July 5th, the product goes on sale during 30 days on the Indiegogo website: www.indiegogo.com/projects/vytrus-hair. To buy or back, choose the option that you want from the list on the right of the page (the Rewards).

On the right top of the page there is a counter of the money collected. Here is where you can see our goal. When it reaches 100% the campaign will be successful. Only then we will be able to produce the product, and only then the backers will be charged.

At the beginning of August, when the campaign is over, and if we have reached our goal, we will start producing Vytrus Hair for everybody that has bought it. The product will be ready on September and it will be sent immediately, so backers can start the treatment that same month.