Vytrus joins the Manifesto for an Economy with Purpose

September 15, 2023

Vytrus Biotech has adhered to the Manifesto for an Economy with Purpose promoted by the organization Respon.cat, presented on June 27th, in view of the new role of companies as transforming agents and drivers of change in society and the world.

The manifesto involves developing the company’s purpose before 2025 with triple social, economic and environmental impact, and making a strategic plan to be implemented by Vytrus before 2030 to generate positive impact.

Signed by more than 200 companies including HP, Damm, Unilever, Oracle, Martiderm or Vytrus Biotech itself, this manifesto raises the business community as a key part of the solution to the challenges of the new economy. A manifesto that counts with entities such as the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, PIMEC (employers’ association of Catalan SMEs) or CECOT (multisectoral business confederation) as promoting organizations.

According to Òscar Expósito, CEO, co-founder and CSO of Vytrus: “We are currently facing a paradigm shift in which companies are the engine of change for society and the preservation of the planet. Assuming a social role beyond the economic and business one is important to face the challenges of the future, and this involves defining where each company can have a positive impact, while ensuring the viability of the business activity“.

Producers of nearly 80% of the world’s GDP, companies must develop a culture of purpose that addresses environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges with a business model rooted in the territory, sensitive to needs and aimed at transforming the world to make it a more resilient space.

By adhering to this manifesto, Vytrus thus marks a firm commitment to its purpose and goes a step further in the deployment of its Corporate Social Responsibility. This purpose is publicly accessible on this link.