Vytrus Biotech signs with CDTI a 575.000€ funding for R&D projects in dermocosmetics and health

October 25, 2023
Vytrus Biotech has received 575,000€ in funding from the CDTI for the development of new cutting-edge technologies in the field of dermocosmetics and health.

The Centre for Technological Development and Innovation (CDTI), attached to the Ministry of Science and Innovation of the Government of Spain, has granted the biotechnology company Vytrus an amount of 575 thousand euros to carry out future projects in dermocosmetic development. Of the total amount financed, 137 thousand euros correspond to a non-reimbursable tranche (subsidy), translating the rest into a long-term loan for the company.

Vytrus will use this funding to develop new technology platforms for the production of hybrid active ingredients with high potential for human health and well-being.

According  to Albert Jané, CEO and co-founder of Vytrus Biotech: “This research project will be of great help for Vytrus Biotech to continue to maintain the high level of innovation and allow, at the same time, to diversify the company’s portfolio of high-efficiency, sustainable and innovative products with new technologies.”

The funding granted by the CDTI for the project has been co-financed by the Next Generation Funds, channelled through  the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund of the European Union). Likewise, the company acknowledges the support provided to the organization during its operation for its correct achievement.

Vytrus Biotech allocates around 20% of its turnover annually to R&D&I activities. This continuous effort has positioned the company as one of the benchmarks of innovation and sustainability in the dermocosmetic active ingredients sector. The company currently commercialises 19 products worldwide and its strategic plan is to launch 10 new ingredients in the next 4 years.

Industry Recognition of Vytrus Biotech's Innovation

The efforts made by Vytrus in terms of research, development and innovation have enabled the company to develop high value-added active ingredients for the cosmetic and healthcare industries.

As a result, the company recently launched Photobiome™. This cosmetic ingredient, derived from the stem cells of cotton and pomegranate plants, improves the signs of skin aging caused by sun exposure. It does so through a very innovative mechanism that protects the microbiota (the most superficial bacterial layer of the skin and impacts its health) from the sun. Thanks to its commitment to innovation and sustainability in cosmetic science, Photobiome™ has been awarded worldwide at the in-cosmetics Korea and in-cosmetics Latin America trade shows, as well as receiving other industry awards in Europe.