Vytrus Biotech in the IFSCC Congress 2016

November 18, 2016

The poster, that was part of an exclusive selection exhibited during the congress,  “Targeting skin cell rejuvenation through a new generation of growth factor-like effect plant oligopeptides derived from totipotent plant cell cultures”, introduced for the first time the second ingredient from the company’s range of products launched this year, Phyto-Peptidic Fractions:  Centella Reversa. This product is an active from Centella asiatica that offers the Equation of Youth: a reversion of cell senescence, rebuilding  the core skin structure, and improving the global facial complexion.

The ingredient is the concentrated secretome of totipotent cells (Plant stem cells), from Centella asiatica petioles, rich in signaling peptides specially designed to reverse the skin aging process. It represents a new activity profile for the species: a new range of bioactives (Centellosides are only the 1-8% of the total actives present on the plant).

Several In Vitro and In Vivo tests back up these statements, showing and acceleration of the healing process and growth factor-like effect, reversion of cell senescence, reduction of wrinkle intensity and increasing of crow’s feet elasticity and firmness. All in all, Centella Reversa PPF offers a global RE-YOUTH effect.