Vytrus Biotech at In-Cosmetics Amsterdam 2018

May 8, 2018

Vytrus Biotech exhibited this year, on more time, at In-Cosmetics Global, that took place last April in Amsterdam.

This year for the first time ever, Vytrus had an Innovation Box, presenting its new ingredient, QUORA NONI. The active was nominated as a finalist for the Best Active Ingredient of the Innovation Zone Awards 2018. This was the first year the company participated in the Awards, and it was nominated together with other 9 ingredients from international and renowned companies in the sector. QUORA NONI, made from stem cells from the Noni plant, represents a new mechanism of action against acne, blocking the microbiome negative communication signals (Quorum Sensing) to avoid the formation of biofilms and the development of virulence without killing or threatening the microbiota. It doesn’t contain antibiotics, avoiding the potential resistance that microbes can develop, and it is also bacteriostatic, maintaining the microbiome balance.

Vytrus CEO and Co-Founder Oscar Expósito presented a Technical Seminar about this new active during the conference, under the tittle: Unveiling the secret tricks of plants: a clue in the molecular networks.

The company also presented the other 2018 active, SARCOSLIM RE-SHAPE, launched last February, a re-shaping and sliming ingredient that helps reduce fat while taking advantage of the energy released through the burning of this fat to re-shape and re-structure the skin.

Vytrus also had some activities going on during the conference, including a specific zone for people to discover their “microbiome signature”, and a “cleansing” juice time, to gather together everybody at the end of the second day.

This is the 4th year that Vytrus exhibits at In-Cosmetics Global, and the company is already working for next year’s edition, which will take place in Paris, and it will be an important date, since Vytrus is turning 10 during 2019. The company will also be present for the first time at In-Cosmetics Asia, in Bangkok, at the end of the year.