Vytrus Biotech achieves 100% natural origin across its whole portfolio

October 27, 2021

At Vytrus Biotech we continue positioning ourselves with sustainability and respect for nature at the core of our organization. We have recently achieved 100% natural origin content in our entire portfolio of active ingredients according to ISO 16128, which determines the natural, organic, or natural/organic content of a cosmetic based on the characterization of the ingredients.

Society is becoming increasingly aware of values such as sustainability and respect for the environment. As a result, consumer demand for natural and organic cosmetics has increased worldwide. This has led both raw material suppliers and manufacturers of cosmetic final products and brands to adapt their developments to this new trend that is gaining momentum and has come here to stay.

Compliance with ISO 16128 is one of the main keys to guaranteeing natural cosmetics and allows us to offer great transparency to the consumer and homogeneity in the market. Therefore, this international standard allows to unify the categorization of cosmetic products in naturalness.

We consider respect for the environment and skin care as an integral value of our company and an aspect applicable from all its perspectives. In addition to having 100% natural content, our active ingredients are Cosmos Approved certified, and our raw materials are toxic-free, GMO-free and palm oil-free.

We were born as a sustainable firm, proposing a new approach based on environmentally friendly technology. With only a small part of the plant, we obtain its stem cells containing the full potential of the plant to create high added value natural active ingredients with proven efficacy in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo for personal care. This sustainable methodology, which reduces the use of water and soil required to almost 100%, represents a major advance over traditional methods. A biotechnology that allows us to work with exotic plants (endangered and endemic species) with minimal impact on the ecosystem and to offer its clients a range of 100% natural active ingredients.

Since our foundation, Vytrus have revolutionized cosmetics in terms of innovation, efficiency, and naturalness; providing environmentally friendly cosmetic ingredients that seek to harness the real power of plants to improve people’s quality of life and health.