Vytrus at SCS Formulate & Skin Microbiome Congress 2018

November 20, 2018

Last week, Vytrus Biotech participated in two major events of the Industry in the UK. During the 13 and 14 of November the company was exhibiting at SCS Formulate, in Coventry, and on the 14-15, it participated in the 3rd Skin Microbiome Congress in London.

SCS Formulate is one of the most important annual events in the field of cosmetic actives and formulations taking place in the country, where all the major UK industry players get together. Vytrus was an exhibitor, together with its UK distributor, Lake Personal Care, and also, it participated in diferent activities and events taking place during the congress: The company presented its new ingredient, the award winner, microbiome rebalancing active, QUORA NONI , as part of the “INSPIRE” presentations, that featured the latest products and services within the Personal Care and Cosmetic Industry. More information about the active could also be found in the DISCOVER ZONE, and during the “EXPLORE!” Ingredient Innovation Tour.

During the same week, Vytrus Biotech also participated in the 3rd Skin Microbiome Congress, in which Vytrus CSO and co-founder, PhD Oscar Expósito, presented a scientific poster of the QUORA NONI PRCF active, with more information about the scientific background of the ingredient, made from the Noni (Morinda citrifolia) plant stem cells, and how it works blocking the microbiome communication system, called Quorum Sensing, and offering a new mechanism of action against acne. This is the first time that the company participates in the congress, that brings together the latest and most breakthrough research and discoveries made in the field of skin microbiome during the year.

This week, Vytrus will be present in the Italian congress Making Cosmetics, in Milan, and in Barcelona´s Beauty Innovation Day, organized by the Beauty Cluster Barcelona, with a presentation about sustainable cosmetics related to the company´s new firming active SARCOSLIM RE-SHAPE.  These two will be the last big events in which Vytrus will participate during 2018.