Plasma Rich in Cell Factors

The Plasma Rich in Cell Factors (PRCF) is the company innovative approach to the phenomenon and proprietary concept of Molecular Synergy: the new way of taking advantage of the real power of plants.
Once we grow the plant stem cells in the liquid medium, stimulation of specific signaling pathways with elicitors is performed in order to optimize/enhance the biosynthesis of the desired phytocomplexes. Once the biosynthesis of each phytocomplex and the corresponding biomass production rate are optimal, a cell lysate is obtained. This lysate is the Plasma Rich in Cell Factors™ (PRCF).

Apart from the enhancement of the targeted secondary metabolites biosynthesis, the PRCF also contains all the other bio-active molecules present.

This is thanks to obtaining the lysate, which allows the recovery of all active molecules content of plant stem cells. In this way, there is no waste of any active compound, as it happens in traditional plant extracts, hence cosmetic efficacy is greatly improved and we achieve Molecular Synergy, the real power of plants.