Phyto-Glucidic Fractions

The Phyto-Glucidic Fractions (PGF) are the latest Vytrus technological platform inspired by the potential of plant physiology, characterized by making plants ‘sweetener experts’ that use sugars to perform multiple essential functions of the cell (signaling, energizing, activity catalysts, etc.).
The birth of this platform is inspired by the relevance of sugars and glycoconjugates (Glycome) in plant biology and physiology, and more specifically in plant glycocalyx.

The company has developed an innovative cell membrane disruption process to release a full range of glycoconjugates present in the glycocalyx of plant stem cells and make them bioavailable to the skin. These glycoconjugates are released while preserving their structural integrity to ensure their bioactivity.

As a result of the applied technology, the Cellular nectar is composed of glycoconjugates and complex sugars capable of absorbing and retaining water; polyphenols, with a fundamental role in the management of light, a characteristic that is also provided by the organic acids it contains, which protect the glycocalyx and optimize the skin structure.