Phyto-Cell Fusions

Two plant stem cell cultures are Phyto-fused to create innovative next-generation active ingredients.
Since its inception, Vytrus has leveraged the capabilities of plants as biofactories through its innovative biotechnological platforms. The constant research and evolution of the processes has allowed over the years to advance to obtain new ingredients of interest for the cosmetic sector.

Now with the new Phyto-Cell Fusions (PCF) approach, the benefits of various platforms are merged and synergized to provide new active ingredients with increased potential for our skincare and haircare.

Phyto-Glucidic Fractions

The Phyto-Glucidic Fractions (PGF) are the latest Vytrus technological platform inspired by the potential of plant physiology, characterized by making plants ‘sweetener experts’ that use sugars to perform multiple essential functions of the cell (signaling, energizing, activity catalysts, etc.).
The birth of this platform is inspired by the relevance of sugars and glycoconjugates (Glycome) in plant biology and physiology, and more specifically in plant glycocalyx.

The company has developed an innovative cell membrane disruption process to release a full range of glycoconjugates present in the glycocalyx of plant stem cells and make them bioavailable to the skin. These glycoconjugates are released while preserving their structural integrity to ensure their bioactivity.

As a result of the applied technology, the Cellular nectar is composed of glycoconjugates and complex sugars capable of absorbing and retaining water; polyphenols, with a fundamental role in the management of light, a characteristic that is also provided by the organic acids it contains, which protect the glycocalyx and optimize the skin structure.

Phyto-Lipidic Fractions

The Phyto-Lipidic Fractions (PLF) represents the first generation of biomimetic plant cell lipids: the Phyto-Lipidic Fractions (PLFs). Through a driven cell membranes disruption process, it has been possible to identify, produce and release these unique lipid fractions from the inside of plant stem cell, being the first examples the so-called lipid RAFTs and SCFA (Short Chain Fatty Acids).
For the first time, thanks to PLF technology it is possible to modify the composition of the cell lipidome to target different biological functions and make specific cell lipids bioavailable for the skin with a very innovative raw material source: the cellular oil.

Phyto-Peptidic Fractions

The Phyto-Peptidic Fractions™ (PPF) represent the first generation of genuine plant peptides, a revolutionary discovery that opens the door to a new generation of cosmetics.
Through a driven Growth Factor Control development process, Vytrus Biotech has been able to identify, produce and concentrate these Phyto-Peptidic Fractions™ from an optimized culture of stem cells.

These PPF are the ultimate responsible of the extremely high regenerative properties of stem cells. For the first time, this astonishing potential can be used in cosmetics.

That makes of Phyto-Peptidic Fractions™ the first cosmetic active of this category able to maintain the skin regenerative potential.

Plasma Rich in Cell Factors

The Plasma Rich in Cell Factors (PRCF) is the company innovative approach to the phenomenon and proprietary concept of Molecular Synergy: the new way of taking advantage of the real power of plants.
Once we grow the plant stem cells in the liquid medium, stimulation of specific signaling pathways with elicitors is performed in order to optimize/enhance the biosynthesis of the desired phytocomplexes. Once the biosynthesis of each phytocomplex and the corresponding biomass production rate are optimal, a cell lysate is obtained. This lysate is the Plasma Rich in Cell Factors™ (PRCF).

Apart from the enhancement of the targeted secondary metabolites biosynthesis, the PRCF also contains all the other bio-active molecules present.

This is thanks to obtaining the lysate, which allows the recovery of all active molecules content of plant stem cells. In this way, there is no waste of any active compound, as it happens in traditional plant extracts, hence cosmetic efficacy is greatly improved and we achieve Molecular Synergy, the real power of plants.