Passion for plants. Experts in biotechnology

Meet our dream-team

Albert Jané

CEO, COO & Co-founder

Alejandro Guirado

Communication & Marketing Manager

Alfons Cordón

Purchasing manager

Ana Gallego

R&D Manager

Antía Fraga

Quality Manager

Conxita Rusinés

HR & CSR Manager

Daniel Luna


Daniel Robustillo

Sales Director

David Fernández

Production Technician

Gloria Ruiz

Financial Department

Jéssica Trobat

Production Technician

Jordi Rodríguez

Production Technician

Jordi Rovira

Chief Financial Officer

Laura Crespo

Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Laura Facchini

Analytics Specialist

Raquel Ferreira

Business Development Manager

Manel López

Production Manager

Mar Arderiu

Communication & Marketing Specialist

“We first observe natural plant processes and strategies, mimic their behaviour and develop our personal care ingredients.”

Òscar Expósito

CEO, CSO & Co-founder

María Mas

Product Development & Formulation Manager

Marta Gibert

Formulation & Development Scientist

Mireia Molné

Active Development Scientist

Miriam López

Production Technician

Òscar Expósito

CEO, CSO & Co-founder

Pau Riera

Active Development Manager

Raúl Vallecillo

Business Development Manager

Sandra Ruiz

Analytic Development Manager

Sara Laplana

Executive CSO

Sebastián Martínez

Customer service & Logistics Manager

Sergio Arconada

Production Technician

Tarik Ruíz

Advanced Biotechnology Manager