Social Commitment

We are based on a principle of conscious cosmetics.

The conscious cosmetics is a new way of acting for the cosmetic industry, being truly natural with effective and ingredients and formulations that take care of the environment. Committing ourselves to conserve nature, protect plant biodiversity and the planet’s genetic resources. We believe that nature is the most powerful source of health and beauty.

Consciousness is an attitude that characterizes Vytrus business strategy. The decisions and lines of action are coherent and integral with its values, and in all the areas where are developed. We use the natural resources of the nearby environment, understanding that global sustainability begins at the local and closest level.

Projects that vytrus support

Alliance with Red Cross

Vytrus has signed, in November 2022, a collaboration agreement with Red Cross of Terrassa, which represents a commitment, through its corporate social responsibility plan, to participate in projects and programs of social impact of shared value in the city of Terrassa, aimed at the most disadvantaged groups and to improve the development of the local community.

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The alliance includes the participation of Vytrus in activities of Red Cross of Terrassa, either through corporate volunteering or other initiatives, such as talks, presentations and participating in training or informative sessions on topics related to nature, the environment, science and biotechnology, corporate social responsibility of companies, and others that may be agreed between the two parties.

For 2022 and 2023, this collaboration alliance between Red Cross of Terrassa and Vytrus is materialized in the financing and participation, through different actions, in the socio-educational project for young people of the Mont Perdut High School. This is a space where young people between 12 and 18 years old are accompanied on a daily basis, with a concept of inclusive leisure (for the benefit of a comprehensive development with an impact on improving school performance and working with families) and ensuring proper nutrition by providing a balanced lunch and snack (promoting a balanced intake and healthy eating habits), and for non-school periods through a prepaid card supervised by the team of Red Cross of Terrassa.

Collaboration for the construction of a new neurology center

Vytrus has signed a collaboration agreement with the private foundation AVAN, a non-profit organization that offers therapeutic, associative and leisure support to people affected by neurological diseases and their families or caregivers.

AVAN was founded in 1993 in the city of Terrassa, and is currently present in Sabadell, Rubí, Sant Cugat and Castellar del Vallès, with the aim of improving the quality of life of people, sharing values such as commitment to care, proximity, and continuity.

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This framework agreement includes different synergies between both parties, such as participation in activities organized by the Foundation through Vytrus corporate volunteering. It includes social, cultural, sports, training, and informative activities and, most importantly, includes a commitment to finance the construction of the building that will be the new Avan Center in Terrassa.

This project has the support of the Terrassa City Council, which is lending the Pont Aurell i Armengol industrial building, as well as that of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Diputació de Barcelona and the Cambra de Comerç de Terrassa (Terrassa Chamber of Commerce). Following a public-private model, to achieve a local center of reference in the field of neurology.

Vytrus sterilizes masks in the fight against Covid-19

Vytrus Biotech has recently adapted its processes to collaborate altruistically in the sterilization of masks for Sant Quirze del Vallès City Council, a town in Barcelona.

The masks have been made by a network of village volunteers and Vytrus Biotech has helped sterilize them at its facilities in order to guarantee their use for all types of healthcare personnel and the general public.‘As a responsible company with our community, we have made an effort to contribute with our resources and facilities to help in the batlle against Covid-19 at local level’, says Albert Jané, CEO of Vytrus Biotech.

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The first batch of 730 masks has already been distributed by Sant Quirze del Vallès City council and the volunteers are already working on the manufacture of a second batch of masks that will be sterilized at Vytrus’s laboratory as soon as it is received.

“This action has been possible thanks to the effort of Vytrus’s collaborators, a team committed not only to the organization, but also to society in general. ‘I am very proud of our team in maintaining the company’s level of activity and making this extra effort to help in these extraordinary circumstances”, adds Albert Jané.

Since the proclamation of the state of alarm by the government, Vytrus Biotech has rapidly implemented several measures such as teleworking, adaptation of rotating shifts in all departments, and the development of a safety manual as an internal protocol to guarantee the ingredient standards, with the aim of fulfilling the commercial commitments acquired, trying to ensure the safety and health of its human team and all collaborators involved.


Reforestation of a burned area in Collserola – Social Forest

The Vytrus team collaborated in the Social Forest reforestation project, planting 100 trees of the Sorbus domestica species to help offset the CO₂ emission produced by a fire in an area of ​​5,700 m² in Collserola (Catalonia). Thanks to the dedication of the team, in 50 years 40 tons of CO₂ will be offset.

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This sustainable forestry activity was carried out in a Catalan forest in which the Vytrus team shared an environment of motivation and teamwork, reinforcing their social commitment.

Donation to the Sant Joan de Deu Hospital (Barcelona)

Solidarity is the protagonist of Christmas so we made the Vytrus donation, in consensus with the team, we voluntarily reduced the Christmas gift and together with their contribution, duplicated by Vytrus, we donated to the Sant Joan de Deu Hospital (Barcelona).

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In this way, we join his campaign to acquire a digital photography camera for a microscope to be able to present histological images in a shorter time to the specialists of each medical committee and thus give a quick response to alternative treatments of childs.

Contribution to the Food Bank of the city of Terrassa (Catalonia)

From Vytrus, we wanted to be solidary to face the difficult situation created by the pandemic, collaborating with the contribution of 1,600 yogurts to the EL REBOST Food Bank in Terrassa.

EL REBOST is a volunteer and networking entity formed by the Social Services of the Terrassa Council and la Cruz Roja that offer a food bank service, properly a warehouse / pantry, which is nourished by European funds, collections and donations from individuals and companies. Through a delivery program, it distributes food to the neediest people in the city. They do not accept money, only food that they collect or receive at their headquarters.

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A representation of the Vytrus team, in line with the social axis of our corporate social responsibility, participated in the action by donating this food, helping the most vulnerable families, and learning more about the mission of the entity.