Project Description

Did you know that stress has a direct effect on our skin?

Plants fight against stress in a very smart way. A cocktail of plant anti-stress molecules is ready to improve our skin well-being


The Emotional Wellbeing Manager

TURMERIA ZEN™ is a multi-active ingredient from Turmeric stem cells that acts against stress wrinkles, working as an emotional hydration manager and as a modulator of the brain-skin connection.

Well-aging Anti-stress


  • Cosmetic preparations for stressed profiles (teenagers, pregnant women, caregivers with heavy workload, etc.)
  • Moisturizing cosmetics products for anti-stress and well-being
  • Sensitive and sensitized areas, threatened or sun-exposed skin
  • Delicate areas (eyes, lips, scars, etc.)

  • Scap preparations

  • Preventive cosmetics of psycho-induced aging

Mechanism of action

  • Neutralization of stress-related inflammation

  • Acceleration of healing

  • Protection of the dermal structure

  • Re-densification of the skin

  • Emotional hydration manager

  • Modulator of brain-skin connection

  • Protector of cutaneous functions

  • The anti-stress wrinkles


Our emotions have a direct effect on our skin. Stress, tiredness or lack of sleep can cause several problems: or immune system is disturbed, making the skin more vulnerable and causing inflammation and dehydration; more wrinkles appear while the existing ones become deeper; there is a loss of elasticity, a delay in wound healing, damage to skin structure and a decrease in barrier function.

Stress has an impact on skin and general appearance that goes from dryness or wrinkles to more serious skin conditions.

Turmeria zen Vytrus
Curcuma longa, the Turmeric, is a tropical and subtropical plant characterized by the existence of very ramified, cylindrical and orange rhizomes, modified roots that act as storage and resistance organs. They grow endlessly and have excellent regenerative properties. Curcuma longa is one of the most studied plants in biomedicine, having a huge potential, with more than 230 different compounds described, more than 400 pre-clinic assays and more than 3.000 publications sowing its multiple properties (anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, antimicrobial, DNA protecting, etc.).
Technical documentation
Technical documentation

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