Project Description

Did you know that plants can burn fat at will, thanks to unique fat burning signals?

What if we could do the same and burn our fat when and from where we want?


Sculpt your Curves at Will

SARCOSLIM RE-SHAPE™ is an active ingredient that introduces the new concept of Liposculpture: a skin remodeling system that helps reduce fat while taking advantage of the intercellular energy released through the burning of this fat to tighten and reaffirm tissue, so specific parts of the body can be sculpted at will.

Body care Well-aging


  • Reducer of rebel volumes and anti-cellulite treatments

  • Double chin treatments

  • Anti-eye bags

  • Firming, treatments for sagging, lack of tone, contour remodeling, smoothing of orange skin

  • Treatments for specific needs of check, décolletage and breasts

Mechanism of action

  • Antioxidant performance

  • Anti-inflammatory activity

  • Activation of cell metabolism

  • Protection, repair and synthesis of dermal fibers

  • Global lipolytic effect


It consists of is a skin remodeling system that helps reduce fat while taking advantage of intercellular energy to tighten and firm the issue. The skin acquires a younger and firmer aspect from the ‘inside’

Sarcoslim Vytrus
Sarcocapnos crassifolia is an endemic small plant found in the south of the Iberian Peninsula, very rare and unknown. It inhabits fissures in rocks up to 2,100m in height, and it is known as the ‘Rockbreaker’ because it is the first to colonize the naked rocks, being an extremophile plant: it has a high resistance to heat, cold and drought. Since it is a plant close to extinction, the only possibility to work with it is through plant cell cultures. Sarcocapnos has a unique metabolic profile and due to its inaccessibility and scarcity, very little is known about it a phytochemical and pharmacological level. The company has analyzed and described for the first time this metabolic profile, composed mainly by two type of secondary metabolites: Isoquinolinic alkaloids and Fumaric Acid Esters (FAEs). The first are responsible of the enhancement of lipolysis while Furmaric acid is responsible of regeneration and anti-inflammation. Isoquinolinic alkaloids are directly related to plants genuine system to stimulate fat mobilization. Plants use this fat burning, or fat mobilization signals under specific conditions (when seeds have to germinate, or also for storage on leaved when there is a lack of water under dry conditions).

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Technical documentation
Technical documentation

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