Project Description

Did you know that ageing affects our cellular energy levels, causing ENERGETIC AGEING?

What if we could recharge these mature cells from the inside, so they get back to the charging levels of younger cells?


The First Cellular Oil

The natural active OLEA VITAE™ achieves the activation of the energy rejuvenation cycles, helping cells to fight the programmed obsolescence of mitochondria. It recharges mature cells from the inside, so they get back to the charging levels of younger cells. The final result is skin revival.

Well-aging Revitalizer/ Energizer


  • Facial anti-aging/ rejuvenating

  • Firming your eyes and lips

  • Anti-wrinkles and skin smoothing

  • Body repairing effect

  • Hair booster

Mechanism of action

  • Triggering cell revival

  • Re-charging your internal cell bateries

  • Powerful revitalizer of aged skin

  • Mitochondrial membrante remodeling


Ageing affects our cellular energy levels. Like batteries, cells have a programmed obsolescence intimately linked to our skin vitality, which causes Energetic Aging.  Mitochondria generate our cell energy especially when they are fused, but with age, as well as other factors such as lack of sleep, stress etc., there is a decrease in the mitochondria biogenesis and their capacity to communicate with each other establishing mitochondrial synapses. Old cells, harbouring less mitochondria and a poor communication network, present lower ability to generate enough energy to maintain their vitality.

Olea Vitae Vytrus

OLEA VITAE  is made from plant stem cells of the wild olive tree sprouts (Olea europaea var. silvestris) through the technology of Plant Cell Biofactories. Olive trees are characterized for their resilience against drought and high temperatures, their vitality and their longevity. Specifically, the wild olive tree has been chosen because it maintains more genetic diversity

Technical documentation
Technical documentation

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