Project Description

Did you know that the skin microbiota is able to stimulate happiness neurochemicals like oxytocin through the skin and connect with the brain, tunning our mood?

What if we could stimulate the skin microbiota to produce those neurochemicals to feel better and look prettier?


The Microbiota Whisperer

KANNABIA SENSE is a cosmetic active ingredient, an innovative prebiotic treatment that stimulates the skin microbiota to produce an in-situ postbiotic cocktail that stimulates the synthesis of cutaneous oxytocin. The oxytocin generated in the keratinocytes connects with the sensory neurons and communicates with the brain turning into a well-being response that ends up in a healthier, stronger and prettier appearance.

Well-aging Skin care


  • Sensitive skin treatments
  • Well-ageing/anti-ageing cosmetic products
  • Delicate facial treatments, happy daily cream and well-being body lotion

  • Uplifting massage lotions
  • Anti-wrinkles and restoring night cream

Mechanism of action

  • Microbiota-Skin-Brain axis ignition
  • Positive activation of brain pleasure areas
  • Better self-perception and positive emotional parameters
  • Oxytocin like effect
  • Protection & balance of the microbiota


The concept of in-situ postbiotic is based on a simple fact: who better than our own commensal symbiotic microbiota to take care of our skin? The skin microbiota continuously captures nutrient elements from its surroundings, transforms them and generates an in-situ postbiotic mantle, rich in bioactive metabolites that can interact with the epidermal cells and sensory neurons nerve endings.

This approach takes profit of the Increased Metabolization Potential of the skin commensal microbiota to obtain, for the first time ever, a cocktail of neuroactive by-products. This cocktail significantly ignites the synthesis of happiness related neurochemicals (oxytocin) from the skin cells by metabolizing a plant stem cell derived product.

Our ingredient consists of a prebiotic treatment that modulates the composition of this in-situ postbiotic by modifying the microenvironment of the commensal microbiota. Our Microbiota Whisperer concept is based on the following: if you nourish properly and take care of commensal microbiota, it will be more in homeostasis and thanks to these positive environmental conditions, the consequently secreted in-situ postbiotic will be full of healthy and beneficial molecules for our skin.

KANNABIA SENSE PLF is made from plant stem cells of Cannabis sativa, a herbaceous plant indigenous to eastern Asia, very popular for its pharmacological activities (terpenes & phenols) and psychotropic properties (cannabinoids). The plant is known to contain many compounds, amongst them tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD).

However, Vytrus Biotech centres the attention on a specific signalling lipidic fractions of the first generation of Cannabis sativa stem cells which are guaranteed and certified to be free from THC & CBD.

Technical documentation
Technical documentation

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