Project Description

Did you know that plants can live hundreds of years thanks to their outstanding regeneration abilities?

Plants have growth factors that are the key to turn back the hands of time, and for the first time ever, we can apply them to our skin


The Equation of Youth

CENTELLA REVERSA is a holistic cosmetic active made from plant growth factors with outstanding regenerative properties: it offers a real re-youth effect, reversing skin ageing processes and rebuilding core skin structure at the beginning of the first signs of damage, achieving an improvement of the global facial complexion.

Well-aging Firming


  • Treatment and prevention of skin aging (serums, gel-creams, creams, masks)

  • Facial treatments, neck-necklines, hands

  • Treatments for wrinkles

  • Firming and anti-sagging treatments

  • Skin blemishes and imperfections

Mechanism of action

  • Reversion of cell senescence

  • Wound healing properties

  • Global cell protection

  • DNA protection & repairing

  • Growth factor-like effect


Nowadays, people look for ageing gracefully, not to stop aging. Skin aging does not spare anyone. It is a global phenomenon that depends on several factors and it is caused because of an accumulation of skin damages from all our lives and our intrinsic ability to deal with them. There is a need of a global approximation to deal with this individualized aging signs, which is now a concern for our lives.

Originally from Asia, Centella asiatica is a little herb from wet zones characterized by its excellent regenerative properties and longevity. It presents a growth by stolons that can be maintained indefinitely. Traditionally used on the Ayurvedic medicine and rich in centellosides (asiaticoside, madecassoside, etc.), it has been used during centuries due to its wound healing, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and adaptogenic properties, among others.

Technical documentation
Technical documentation

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