Project Description

Did you notice that plants are exposed to direct sun radiation but they never get sun-burned?

What if we could use plants’ own ‘internal cream’ to protect our skin?


The Broad Spectrum Protector against Photo-aging

ARABIAN COTTON™ emerges as the global resource against photo-damage and photo-aging covering the whole solar spectrum thanks to its new innovative natural activity in the field of photoprotection: Broad spectrum photoprotection for UV, IR and VISIBLE, including protection against blue light (High Energy Visible, typically from electronic devices that we constantly use in our everyday live). * PATENTED

Photo-protection Well-aging


  • Day and night creams, anti-aging, bb creams
  • Sun blocks and sun protectors

  • Aftersun products

  • Treatments for photosensitivity for skin and scalp

  • Reparative, soothing treatments

Mechanism of action

  • Antioxidant effect

  • Photoprotection effect

  • Enhancement of cell viability

  • Modulation of inflammatory response in Human Epidermal Progenitor Cells

  • ECM boosting activity


Photoinduced aging or photoaging is the result of an accumulation of lesions (photo lesions) that modifies the cutaneous appearance to a greater or lesser extent. The most recent trend in photoprotection is to study the existence of a complementary process, whereby the natural photobiological compounds (ARABIAN COTTON™) would show the ability to act on the photodynamic targets (as secondary filters), protecting the cell metabolism and inhibiting inflamatory and degenerative processes whose result is known as photoinduced aging.

Arabian-cotton | technology of plant stem cells

Gossypium herbaceum, the Arabian Cotton, is an extremophile native plant from semi-arid regions of sub Saharan Africa and Arabia. Due to the hard environmental conditions, Arabian Cotton has developed a great diversity of defensive molecules (phenols and flavonoids) that help the plant cell to protect and repair its structures against sun damage.

Technical documentation
Technical documentation

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