Phyture becomes Vytrus

April 5, 2016

From seed to fruit.

Phyture Biotech was born in 2009 as a spin-off company of the Farmacy faculty of the University of Barcelona from the Group of Research in Vegetal Biotechnology; from here comes the nomenclature chosen for Phyture: a combination of “phyto” (which means plant in Greek) and “ture” (from future). During all these years we have worked hard to create our own technology, based on plant cell cultures, to develop and produce high added value ingredients for the cosmetic sector.

Although we started our activities focusing on/With /directed to services for third parties, in 2014 we launched our first company product and we have not stopped growing since then, (until) becoming a more expert, stronger and global brand. At this moment/Now, our experience has lead us to broaden our focus taking/directing us not only to the cosmetic sector, but also to the healthcare and nutraceutical ones, expanding our goals and focusing/driving us towards the global improvement of people’s life quality, not only in their health but their general well being.

In accordance with this change of focus, we have proceeded to change the social denomination of  Phyture Biotech, for Vytrus Biotech; inspired by the Greek word “vita” (life) and to be applied on/in/to all its variants/diferent, present and future sectors: Vytrus Cosmetics, Vytrus Healthcare and Vytrus Nutraceuticals.

This change of name is vital and corresponds/wants to reflect the innovator/innovative spirit of a company in continuing/continued/an on-going process of modernization and internationalization, in which the new identity is/goes more according with the environment in which our business develops, and collecting/including/that includes the values that have positioned/placed our house/company/enterprise as one of the referent points/examples/models/benchmark/ of the sector.

Let’s continue growing up together?