Photobiome™: The Microbiota Photoprotector

March 9, 2023

Vytrus after launching its successful active ingredient, QUORA NONI™ biomics, the microbiota ageing hacker, which respecfully hacks the microbial Quorum Sensing while rebalancing the microbiota and modulating the pro-ageing markers, launches PHOTOBIOME™, a new category of microbial antioxidant for skin care.

At in-cosmetics Global in Barcelona, we will present at booth M60 our 2023 revolutionary concept and innovation in skin care, the Microbiota Photoprotector, and the new microbiota pathway to fight the skin photoageing through the plant-based active PHOTOBIOME™ , a 100% natural active from stem cells of Pomegranade and Potton.

PHOTOBIOME™ photoprotects our skin microbiota itself by protecting and nourishing bacteria, modulates the release of its own natural photo-defense molecules that improve the signs of the photoageing process on the skin with a plant strategy. Specifically through a new technological platform of Phyto-Cell Fusions, Vytrus combines a Phyto-Lipidic Fraction (PLF) of P. granatum with a Plasma Rich in Cell Factors (PRCF) of G. herbaceum. This way a synergistic effect of prevention from photo-ageing by photoprotecting the skin microbiota is obtained.

Latest Vytrus’ innovation unveils its latest scientific advances in the microbiota field and describes a new biological approach: the Sun-Microbiota-Skin axis, elucidating the important role of the microbiota in relation to the effects of solar radiation on the skin, either in favor or to the detriment of the skin tissue. The active combats the skin photo-ageing from excessive sun exposure by photoprotecting the skin microbiota.

This new skin care active introduces a new way for the photoprotection that counteracts and protects the microbiota and the skin cells from the photo-oxidative stress of harming sun radiation and make the Photobiome Factor bring beneficial molecules to the skin cells

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