Photobiome™ receives BSB Innovation Award 2023 in asset innovation

March 31, 2023

Vytrus Biotech has received the prize in 2023 BSB Innovation Awards for our natural active PHOTOBIOME™- the microbiota photoprotector.

The active ingredient has been ranked on the 1st position in the BSB Innovation Awards in the 2023 edition in the category of Raw Materials. An award that recognizes the biotech active for its creative approach due to its innovative mechanism of action based on a plant strategy.

PHOTOBIOME™ opens the door to a new category of Microbial Antioxidants by helping our skin microbiota photoprotect itself by protecting and nourishing bacteria, modulating the release of its own natural photo-defense molecules that improves the signs of the photoageing process on the skin. PHOTOBIOME™ involves a new paradigm in the suncare and well-ageing markets and a step forward and a scientific discovery in the microbiota field.

This new category of biotechnology-based active ingredients offers cosmetic formulations new pathways to protect and repair skin photodamage with a sustainable solution based on plant biotechnology such as preventive & treating antioxidant formulations; products to take care of wrinkles (crow’s feet area, bar code, eye contour); preventive & reparative suncare formulations; treatments to improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation.