Photobiome™ finalist for the Best Ingredient Award at in-Cosmetics Global 2023

March 28, 2023
Vytrus is finalist for the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award at in-Cosmetics Global 2023 for its active Photobiome™.
The active has been shortlisted for the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient at in-cosmetics Global in the 2023 edition.

Photobiome is a prebiotic active from plant stem cells of the pomegranade and cotton (P. granatum and G. herbaceum) that stimulates the skin bacteria to release its own natural photo-defense molecules to photoprotect itself and fight the skin photoageing process. Vytrus unveils a revolutionary concept and innovation in skin care, the Microbiota Photoprotector, and the new microbiota pathway to fight the skin photoageing through the plant-based active Photobiome.

The interaction between sun radiation and microbiota can either have a positive or detrimental impact on our skin health and appearance. The new role of skin microbiota in photoageing under the concept of the Photobiome Factor is described: a novel concept which involves a certain bacteria community characterized by its capacity to synthesize and release certain molecular components metabolized by the interaction of the microbiota with solar radiation.

The active goes a step forward in skin photoageing and photoprotection on sun care, since the active Photobiome™ counteracts and protects the microbiota and the skin cells from the photo-oxidative stress of harming sun radiation and make the Photobiome Factor bring beneficial molecules to the skin cells.

Specifically through a new technological platform of Phyto-Cell Fusions offered by the combination of the Phyto-Lipidic Fraction (PLF) of P. granatum with a Plasma Rich in Cell Factors (PRCF) of G. herbaceum, we can photoprotect our microbiota from the sun radiation. This way a synergistic effect of prevention from photo-ageing by photoprotecting the skin microbiota is obtained.

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