Vytrus Home

One Friday per month, the founding CEOs of Vytrus open their doors and offer a space to attend and listen to the doubts and proposals of the members of their team, professionally and personally. At Vytrus Home, employees can feel and express themselves like at home, establishing fluid, efficient and decisive communication between the different levels of the company.

Vytrus Days

Sharing outside the work environment provides us knowledge and brings us closer, which translates into a greater connection, understanding and synchronization of the teamwork, contributing to a better performance and work environment.

Twice a year, in summer and at Christmas, in Vytrus we take the opportunity to organize a few days of disconnection, with interactive leisure activities that reinforce the relationship between the people of the different departments, creating positive dynamics and, above all, having fun and enjoying!

Office = Health and relax

Vytrus offers to the team a dining area, equipped with the necessary resources and raw materials, for meals and breaks. With the same purpose, it has also enabled and equipped the terrace for moments of relaxation and rest for the team. Healthy habits are encouraged, with baskets of seasonal fruit and quality and local products, in order to contribute to personal well-being and productivity. Because healthy and happy people are more optimistic, have more energy and a greater involvement and connection with the company.

Balance of personal and work life

The well-being of the team is a fundamental base within the corporate culture and values of Vytrus. Each member of the Vytrus team manages the schedule, working hours and vacations according to the needs of the job and the department. In this way, we achieve the maximum balance of work and personal life, where each person has different needs and obligations.

Job stability

The importance of people to Vytrus also translates into job stability. Vytrus offers new hires an initial contract year that, after this time, becomes permanent. Confidence is generated in professional projection and security and long-term permanence in the job is guaranteed.

We believe in starting from scratch

Many people of our team started out with an internship and, now a days, are still with the company. “Starting from scratch” is valued, learning, growing, and bringing a humble vision to the work carried out at Vytrus. With the right tools and a genuine sense of belonging, you have a long staying at Vytrus, even with limited experience.

Internal promotion and training plan

Even with a small business structure, we update and raise the standard of knowledge of our team, seeking appropriate training for their jobs or those they can promote and aspire to other charges in the company. At Vytrus we are committed to the human team, the most relevant component in our value chain, developing an open training plan designed jointly by the interested party and the management.

Incentive system

We want our team to feel fulfilled in their job and to achieve this we apply an incentive system based on achievable objectives. In this way, we achieve greater motivation, desire to grow and commitment to the business project.

Performance management

Each person has personal circumstances and different abilities and skills. Vytrus manages this potential to achieve a better adaptation to the job, which generates satisfaction and involvement of the team and optimizes its contribution to the company.

Involving the team in decision-making

The opinion of the team counts. With the bidirectionality that is established internally, by a horizontal organizational style and based on cooperation, we achieve a climate of trust and respect where the team expresses its opinions and feels heard and the organization is enriched thanks to the diversity of perspectives.

Internal communication plan

A battery of actions and initiatives, aimed to create a feeling of belonging and pride, “being Vytrus@s” and personal recognition form Vytrus’ internal communication plan. This follows a common thread of the CSR project (people, company, planet and social), whose protagonist is the person, in different areas: well-being, food, health, happiness, companionship, humor, culture, traditions … and which is fed back by the team itself.

Actions such as celebrations of breakfasts, meals; beauty packs; company anniversary commemoration, company news, etc. Their objective is to keep the team informed and communicated, promoting, and reinforcing the company culture, contributing to a good work environment, energizing, and uniting people, interrelating the objectives of the company with those of the people. To generate a climate of trust and commitment, increasing self-esteem and enthusiasm.

Solidarity and social actions

The solidarity actions that we carry out have a human component of great importance and with different purposes, such as reforestation, donations to social causes, among others. All of them add up and we contribute with our grain of sand to society and to the SDGs. In the Planet and Social Commitment areas of our CSR, the entities with which we collaborate can be consulted in detail.