Our 2023 milestones

January 4, 2024
As we bid farewell to 2023, we wanted to throwback to all the milestones achieved:

Our innovations for skincare application

Photobiome™, a 100% natural active from pomegranate and Arabic cotton plant stem cells that paves the way for a new category of Microbial Antioxidants, nurturing and helping our skin natural solar biodefense to photoprotect itself and boost the release of its natural photo-defense molecules, thus improving the signs of photoageing on the skin.

Our ingredient recognitions at a global level by the industry

  • Our latest innovation in skincare, Photobiome™, was classified among the 10 finalists of in-cosmetics Global, the world leading event for personal care ingredients. Also, this novelty has been honored with the Best Ingredient Award 2023 at in-cosmetics Korea and recognized for its innovative mechanism of action in the BSB Innovation Awards 2023.
  • Furthermore, Photobiome™, was awarded first place for the degree of innovation of the active ingredient for its application in a final formula for skin photoaging care in the I Feel Good Awards at the I Feel Good Exhibition, the leading fair for natural and vegan cosmetics in France, one of the largest cosmetics exporters in the world.
  • Deobiome Noni™, our innovative biological deodorant treatment, has received Natrue certification. This international standard, Natrue, plays a crucial role in verifying natural and organic cosmetics and ensures a clear distinction between genuinely natural products and those merely inspired by nature, helping consumers navigate through ‘greenwashing.’
  • Vytrus reaffirms its commitment to natural and sustainable beauty solutions by renewing the Ecovadis certification with a silver medal. This certification underscores our dedication to ethical and environmentally friendly practices, recognizing Vytrus’ sustainability management system for its policies, actions, and good practices in the environment, labor, human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement.

Our company recognitions

  • First prize for sustainability and innovation in the AITEX Business Awards 2023

At the corporate level, Photobiome won the first position in the AITEX Business Awards for innovation and sustainability in cosmetics in November 2023.


Vytrus obtained the approval of its first international triple patent in the field of prevention and treatment of hair loss granted by the three official patent offices of Europe, the United States and Japan. This triple patent approval is an international recognition of the uniqueness of the technology successfully developed by Vytrus.

Our CSR Actions & Alliances

Vytrus Biotech formalized its CSR actions and alliances with different institutions for another year of commitment:


The formalization of the collaboration will allow the adaptation of a space that will serve about 500 people annually to improve their neurological health, in addition to offering training and the possibility of expanding the corporate volunteer network, among other advantages.



Vytrus and the Terrassa Red Cross consolidated its commitment to the local community for another year. This partnership implies a valuable contribution, providing support to the Socio-Educational Accompaniment Space and the Dining Room Scholarship, benefiting the young people of the Montperdut Institute in Terrassa, Barcelona.

Our collaboration will continue guaranteeing adolescents adequate clothing and a balanced diet every day of the year, facilitating their growth, development and improving their school performance.



Vytrus Biotech and IRTA, the Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology of the government of Catalonia, will continue collaborating with the aim to research and preserve the different traditional varieties of olive tree in Catalonia through joint initiatives and actions.

The biotechnology company allocates to this project a percentage of the turnover of one of its cosmetics ingredients, OLEA VITAE™, a revitalizing cellular oil enhancer obtained from the stem cells of wild olive tree.


University of Jaén

With the objective for 2024 to continue the dedication to the protection and conservation of various species of the genus Sarcocapnos, Vytrus formalizes its collaboration agreement with the University of Jaén to carry out research that contributes to the preservation of species of the genus Sarcocapnos DC, threatened plants found in Andalusia, as well as other species of the same genus. The final objective is the reintroduction of the plant in its natural environment and significantly improve the state of conservation of this genus of plants in the Iberian Peninsula.

Vytrus has successfully developed an active ingredient, Sarcoslim Re-Shape™, derived from one of the most endangered species within the Sarcocapnos genus. This innovation earned the prestigious Green Ingredient Award at In-Cosmetics Global in 2019.


Corporate governance: Diversity Plan and Compliance 

Vytrus fulfilled one of its key social commitments by evolving its CSR and ESG (Environment, Social Responsibility, and Corporate Governance) project. This evolution is designed to prepare the company to face current and future challenges and respond to the growing demands of society. As for it, Vytrus established a Diversity Plan, in partnership with the social entity Prohabitatge.

Additionally, the company has initiated the implementation of measures for safeguarding industrial confidentiality through training and confidentiality agreements. This includes also the establishment of a harassment protocol, an equality project, and measures for the prevention of fraud, corruption, and bribery. Vytrus has also instituted a Criminal Compliance management system within the organization.

New members of the Vytrus team

Vytrus has extended its team’s growth trajectory with the goal of further professionalizing various sectors within the company. This expansion aims to enhance service delivery to clients, foster robust relationships with stakeholders, and facilitate expansion into key markets where Vytrus is active. The focus of this reinforcement has been on strengthening the sales structure, optimizing the supply chain and logistics, and fortifying the marketing and R+D+i team.

Our focus on scientific outreach

Vytrus has marked 2023 with a strong focus on scientific outreach. The company made a significant impact by actively participating in renowned events such as the annual conferences organized by the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) Congress held in Barcelona and the 55th edition of the Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists (ASCC).

At ASCC 2023, our active product Nectaria Lithops™ earned recognition by winning the award for the best poster. The poster, titled “Lithops plant stem cells: new sustainable approaches in plant biotechnology. Stimulating vitamin D on the skin”.

Vytrus continued its impactful contributions at the IFSCC Congress, featuring a podium presentation “Dirty talks: skin-microbial interactions in the Holobiont ageing,” delved into Quora Noni™ biomics, breakthrough concepts within Vytrus’ latest scientific innovations about Rejuvenating your skin by rejuvenating your skin microbiota through a plant strategy.

Further demonstrating our dedication to advancing skin photoprotection and addressing photoageing, Vytrus presented a poster on our newest launch, Photobiome™, titled “Microbial Tanning: a step forward in skin photoprotection and photoageing.” These efforts reflect Vytrus’ commitment to cutting-edge research and development in the cosmetic industry.

Vytrus distinguishes itself through its commitment to providing precise and science-backed information. This dedication is integral to bridging science knowledge while ensuring that skincare science is simplified for informed decision-making. This approach aligns with Vytrus’ passion for scientific education and positions the brand uniquely in the raw materials market.

Our purpose-driven business manifesto

Recently, Vytrus has joined the Manifesto for an Economy with Purpose promoted by the organization Respon.cat, presented on June 27, in response to the new role of companies as transformative agents and engines of change in society and the world. The manifesto involves developing the company purpose before 2025 with triple social, economic and environmental impact, and creating a strategic plan to be implemented by Vytrus before 2030 to generate positive impact.

Signed by more than 200 companies, including both recognized multinational firms and also SME such as Vytrus Biotech, this manifesto elevates the business community as a key part of the solution to the challenges that arise in the new economy. A manifesto that has entities such as the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, PIMEC (Catalan SME association) or CECOT (multi-sector business confederation) as promoting organizations.

Global presence in the leading trade fairs

Glad to be able to connect with you at Cosmet’Agora, in-cosmetics Global, Cosmetics Business Munich, SCS Annual Conference, in-cosmetics Latin America, HPCI Warsaw, Cosmetorium, in-cosmetics Asia, in-cosmetics Korea, Cosmetorium, SEPAWA, SCS Formulate, Making Cosmetics, and much more.

We extend heartfelt gratitude to our customers, distributors, shareholders, and collaborators for yet another year of unwavering support. Your trust and commitment to the path of sustainable and innovative cosmetics are truly appreciated. A special thank you goes out to our outstanding Vytrus team for bringing this vision to life. Your dedication has not only made our growth possible but will continue to be the cornerstone of our journey ahead. We embrace this new year with a commitment to keep on thriving in all pursuits as we delve into biotech-based and science-driven cosmetics. Welcome, 2024!