Our 2022 milestones

January 10, 2023
We wanted to say goodbye to 2022 by looking back at our milestones along the past year.

A new brand identity

That represents our passion for innovation and nature, with a new website that allows us to connect with our community even better.

A new Vytrus TV channel

To share knowledge, the power of nature and how we respectfully make the most of it to benefit our skin and hair health.

Joining BME Growth market

This step is an important milestone in our journey. Listing on the Spanish stock market allows us to think even more ambitiously at the R&D level. The door is opened to a world of possibilities and new lines of research with great market potential, and this allows us to continue exploring possibilities even in other sectors where our technology has application potential.

Our innovations for skincare and haircare application:

  • Quora Noni™ biomics, a 100% natural active from Morinda plant stem cells 🌱 that helps our skin look younger by rejuvenating our skin microbiota for the first time in cosmetics.
  • Elaya Renova™, a 100% natural active from wild olive tree stem cells, that brings an architecture-inspired concept to the hair system to revitalize and strengthen both hair and scalp and achieve a global hair skinification.

Our company recognitions

  • Cinco Días Innovation Award

Recognize us with an Award for the most innovative entrepreneurial action linked to the University. Vytrus was born at the University of Barcelona, became an industrial and independent company and believe in working on alliances with the university


  • BBVA Award in Environmental Sustainability

At the corporate level, our business model and technology won the first position in the BBVA awards for innovation in environmental sustainability in May 2022.

Our ingredient recognitions

Our latest innovation in skincare, QUORA NONI™ biomics, has been awarded at Cosmetorium 2022 through its inclusion in a sustainable and innovative formulation ‘Purple Rain – the microbiota re-youth peel-off mask’.

Our latest innovation in haircare, ELAYA RENOVA™, was recognised with the Silver Best Ingredient Award at in-cosmetics Asia 2022, after winning the Gold award at in-cosmetics Latin America 2022. The cosmetic industry recognises its great level of science and concept behind globally.

Finally, NECTARIA LITHOPS™, our active for vitamin D stimulation, was awarded with BSB Innovation Award 2022, in the category of most innovative raw material.

Our CSR Alliances


This collaboration will allow the adaptation of a space that will serve about 500 people annually to improve their neurological health, in addition to offering training and the possibility of expanding the corporate volunteer network, among other advantages.


Vytrus Biotech signed a collaboration agreement with the Red Cross which involves, among other things, a contribution of resources for the Socio-educational Accompaniment Space and the Lunchroom Scholarship for young people at the Montperdut High School in Terrassa (Barcelona, Spain).

Our collaboration will guarantee adolescents adequate clothing and a balanced diet every day of the year, facilitating their growth, development and improving their school performance.

New members of the Vytrus team

Our Regulatory and Sales teams have grown, increasing our Vytrus family to build strong relationships with our stakeholders and expand in the main markets where Vytrus operates.

Global presence in the leading trade fairs

Glad to be able to connect with you at in-cosmetics Global, Green Beauty Congress, Cosmetics Business Munich, Hair Care Summit, in-cosmetics Latin America, HPCI Warsaw, Cosmetorium, in-cosmetics Asia, Cosmetorama, SEPAWA, RAQCA Congress, SCS Formulate, Making Cosmetics, and much more.

A big thank you to our customers, distributors, shareholders, and collaborators for one more year by our side. Thanks for your trust and choosing the path of a sustainable and innovative cosmetic approach. A special Thank you, our great Vytrus team, for making all this happen. You have made this growth possible and will be the core of our journey. We hope to continue giving our best in the new year ahead. Welcome, 2023!