New brand identity, a real step forward

February 15, 2022

At Vytrus, we have updated our visual identity in order to communicate the science and benefits of our innovations in a precise and transparent way, as well as to ensure a coherent and consistent image and reputation for the organization.


This complete and renewed image is based on four key axes and values:
  • Plants: Our source of inspiration, which explains us amazing stories about how nature works.
  • Innovation: It is central to our efforts to create new concepts for the cosmetic market.
  • Science: That powers Vytrus’ biotechnology-based research.
  • Team passion: That allows us to make a story come true, caring for each other and crossing borders.

In this transformation process, working on the new brand identity has been a very motivating challenge for Vytrus, which has managed to convey its true essence by renewing the logo and the graphic elements that accompany it, as well as the image of our products.

The company has experienced very positive changes and significant growth in terms of turnover, team members, markets we serve, and our strategy and approach to audiences. This organizational evolution, together with our incorporation to the BME Growth market, encouraged us to improve the visual identity to maintain this coherence between what Vytrus is and the image it transmits to all its stakeholders.
Alejandro Guirado
Communication and Marketing Manager

This rebranding has been accompanied by a new website that incorporates the new corporate identity, showcasing our true soul and Vytrus’ commitment to creatively engage with our team, customers, distributors, shareholders, suppliers, and partners around the world.

This new corporate website has a fresh look, combining both the science and technology of plant stem cells, our core business, and our approach to cosmetics.

Besides a better design, navigability, and user experience, we have added new sections such as creative formulation proposals with our active ingredients, cosmetic trends, as well as a private area that gives our customers access to an exclusive space, where we provide more knowledge about our technologies, products, and other value-added materials.

In addition, we have added a section for the investment community with financial and relevant information about the company, following our commitment to transparency with the market as a listed company.

In this way, we accompany and support our client and the investment community in their journey with Vytrus.