The new Arabian Cotton protects from blue light

November 20, 2017

We are all exposed to sun radiation every day: UV, Visible Light and IR. The damaging effects of UV and IR on our skin have been widely studied and the importance of protecting ourselves from this kind of radiation is already broadly known. But recent studies show that within the Visible Light (400-700 nm) that gets to our skin, the Blue Light, or High Energy Visible (HEV, 390-500 nm) has also some specific harmful effects that include increase of the oxidative stress and reduction of cell viability.

Our exposure to this blue light not only comes from sun radiation, but also from all the electronic devices that we constantly use in our daily lives (personal computers, mobile phones, tablets…). Therefore, there has been an increase of awareness and interest in protecting the skin from the damage that this constant exposure to HEV light can cause.

Vytrus Biotech’s ingredient, ARABIAN COTTON was designed to produce a great diversity of phenolics and flavonoids, performing a broad range of biological activities, including broad spectrum photoprotection against UV and IR radiation (other activities include antioxidant, photo-repairing, regeneration of skin and soothing effect). Now the company has performed two new in vitro efficacy tests, to measure the active’s protoprotectivon action against blue light.

The first test measured the antioxidant effect of ARABIAN COTTON versus HEV light . The results showed up to a 24% reduction in the intracellular ROS production compared to non treated cells irradiated with the lamp emitting HEV light.

The second test measured the enhancement of cell viability of ARABIAN COTTON versus HEV light. This time the results showed up to a 15% cell viability increase compared to basal level, and up to a 36% cell viability increase compared to non treated cells irradiated with HEV light.

These new efficacy data contribute to confirm the broad spectrum photo-protective profile of ARABIAN COTTON.