Quora Noni™

The Microbiome Communication Hacker





About the active

Quorum Quenching molecules to modulate bacteria communication and rebalance.

QUORA NONI™ is an active from plant stem cells to avoid the attack of skin harmful bacteria. It respectfully inhibits virulent biofilm formation to treat acne-prone skin, achiving microbiota rebalance and perfecting the skin surface.

Recognitions and Certificates

Mechanism of action

Anti-Quorum Sensing effect
Broad spectrum bacteriostatic & fungistatic effect
Protection & rebalance of the skin microbiota
Anti-inflammatory and no biocide action

The concept

The bacteria communication system (virulence) happens because bacteria speak with each other using signals (Quormones), forming biofilms. Plants are constantly attacked by microorganisms and they have developed several strategies to block and hack these communication signals, avoiding their organization into the virulent biofilm forms by doing a real biochemical war. They have designed a genuine and smart system to fight against microbial communication called Quorum Quenching that uses Anti-Quormones molecules.

Vytrus Biotech has created a natural active that uses these plant Anti-Quorum Sensing signals, disarming the bacteria by hacking their communication systems, just like plants do, and rebalancing the skin microbiota.

The plant

QUORA NONI™ is made from plant stem cells of Morinda citrifolia, known as the Noni plant, a native species from Southeast Asia (Indonesia) and Australia.

With more than 150 actives described, the Noni plant is used in more than 40 types of ailments worldwide, antitumor, anthelminthic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory, immuno-stimulant, several skin diseases, urinary tract disorders, fever, etc.


Microbiota protection & balance creams and gels

Treatment and prevention of oily, acne-prone skin

Anti-dandruff & oily scalp treatments

Feet creams (fungal treatments)

Skin perfecting formulations