NECTARIA LITHOPS: The Cell Nectar for a D-Skin

NECTARIA LITHOPS is our latest active ingredient centred in the vitamin D, wellageing, and sun care market.

Originally from Lithops plant stem cells, this new cosmetic active optimizes vitamin D production topically to streghten, revitalize, glow, and volumize the skin, achieving a D-Skin.

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DEOBIOME NONI™: The Biological Deodorant

DEOBIOME NONI is our active ingredient focused on the deodorant market with a biological approach.

With its origin in Morinda citrifolia plant stem cells, this new cosmetic ingredient efficiently fights against body odour while respecting the natural physiology of the skin with a hybrid strategy.

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KANNABIA SENSE: The Microbiota Whisperer

KANNABIA SENSE is our neurocosmetic active ingredient.

This active, made from Cannabis sativa stem cells, stimulates positively the skin microbiota, activates the brain pleasure areas and induces a better self-perception & positive emotions, promoting a healthier and prettier skin.

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OLEA VITAE™: The First Cellular Oil

OLEA VITAE is an active ingredient which works as a poweful revitalizer of mature skin and fights aging using a new mechanism of action: Stimulation of Mitochondrial Synapses.

Our ingredient has been awarded as the world’s most innovative active ingredient:

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Quora Noni™

Quora Noni

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Sarcoslim Re-shape™

Sarcoslim Re-shape

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Capilia Longa™

Capilia Longa

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