DEOBIOME NONI™: The Biological Deodorant

DEOBIOME NONI is our new active ingredient launched to the cosmetic market in 2020.

With its origin in Morinda citrifolia plant stem cells, this new cosmetic ingredient efficiently fights against body odour while respecting the natural physiology of the skin with a hybrid strategy.

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KANNABIA SENSE™: The Microbiota Whisperer

KANNABIA SENSE is our latest innovation in the active ingredient market launched to the cosmetic industry.

This active, made from Cannabis sativa stem cells, stimulates positively the skin microbiota, activates the brain pleasure areas and induces a better self-perception & positive emotions, promoting a healthier and prettier skin.

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OLEA VITAE™: The First Cellular Oil

OLEA VITAE is an active ingredient launched in 2019 which works as a poweful revitalizer of mature skin that fights aging using a new mechanism of action: Stimulation of Mitochondrial Synapses.

Our ingredient has been awarded as the world’s most innovative active ingredient:

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Quora Noni™

Quora Noni

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Sarcoslim Re-shape™

Sarcoslim Re-shape

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Capilia Longa™

Capilia Longa

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