Elaya Renova™ awarded gold at In Cosmetics Latin America 2022

October 3, 2022
Vytrus has received the Gold Award at in-cosmetics Latin America 2022 for its active ingredient ELAYA RENOVA™.
The active has been ranked in the Gold position at in-cosmetics Latin America in the 2022 edition. An award that recognizes the best ingredients in the Innovation Zone.

Elaya Renova™ is a 100% natural active ingredient from the stem cells of the olive tree (Olea europaea var. sylvestris). This ancestral Mediterranean plant possesses great resistance, vitality, and longevity. Elaya Renova™ concentrates these properties in an innovative and unique hair care ingredient.

The product has a unique composition: a proteolipid matrix capable of nourishing and revitalizing both hair and scalp. It acts synergistically to protect, restructure, regenerate and beautify the hair and scalp.

The active brings a new perspective to hair care: Tensegrity, a concept inspired by architecture based on a new holistic approach that considers the scalp, hair follicle and hair shaft as interconnected parts, where the whole hair system is revitalized.

We have been inspired by the Mediterranean olive tree, a tree rich in lipids and proteins and characterized by its vitality, genetic diversity, and resistance. The active concentrate of the olive tree can provide revitalizing properties to the entire hair system.

Thanks to the lipid and protein reinforcement offered by the active ingredient, Elaya Renova™, we can deeply moisturize and protect the hair from deterioration by high temperatures or sunlight, restructure and replenish it to achieve a healthy hair system and consequently make it look beautiful.

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