Elaya Renova™: an architecture-inspired active ingredient for hair skin care

March 25, 2022

Vytrus after launching its successful active ingredient, NECTARIA LITHOPS™, a Cell Nectar for a D-Skin, which biophysically stimulates vitamin D synthesis in the skin, launches ELAYA RENOVA™, a new architecture-inspired active ingredient for global hair and scalp care.

At in-cosmetics Global in Paris, we will present at booth C78 our 2022 revolutionary concept and innovation in hair care, the Hair tensegrity, and its holistic application through the plant-based active ELAYA RENOVA ™, a 100% natural active from stem cells of wild olive tree, an ancestral Mediterranean species.

ELAYA RENOVA™ protects, reinforces, regenerates, and beautifies the whole hair structure, from scalp to hair shaft with a plant strategy. Specifically enriched in a nourishing proteo-lipidic matrix, it reinforces both the hair and scalp from the inside, facing the challenge of a global hair care skinification.

Latest Vytrus’ innovation is inspired by the architectural concept of “Tensegrity”. This term is coined from the contraction of “tensional” and “integrity” (components under compression inside a network in continuous tension). The Tensegrity explains how changes applied to an area will also exert effects at a distance because everything is interconnected.

Vytrus has transferred this vision of tensegrity to the hair structure, launching the new cosmetic approach of TrichoTensegrity, appealing to the importance of the scalp and the hair structure and its influence on hair mechanical properties and biology behavior. Hair shaft and the scalp are intimately interconnected as a continuum and each part is interdependent from the others.

This new hair care active introduces a new way for the protection and restructuring of both hair and scalp at the same time; a new path that doesn’t require different products for each application (hair and scalp, protection, and revitalizing), offering the possibility of a multiactivity ingredient to approach all the needs of hair care in one raw material.

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