Deobiome Noni™ receives NATRUE certificate

November 23, 2023
Following the recent international celebration of natural and sustainable cosmetics, Vytrus proudly announces that Deobiome Noni™️, our Biological Deodorant, has received NATRUE approval.

On 23 November, NATRUE leads a global movement for natural and sustainable beauty – the International Day of Natural Cosmetics, a recognized project within the One Planet Network’s Knowledge Centre providing premier resources on sustainable consumption and production globally.

In 2019, NATRUE furthered its commitment to sustainable practices by becoming a Partner of Consumer Information for SCP within the One Planet Network.

NATRUE: Setting the Standard for Natural and Organic Cosmetics Certification

NATRUE is the international non-profit organisation behind the acclaimed international standard for certification of natural and organic cosmetics, which sets strict criteria for third-party certification of natural and organic beauty products, to distinguish truly natural cosmetics from the myriad nature-inspired products on the market, and to help consumers navigate through the ‘greenwash’.

DEOBIOME NONI™ - The Biological Deodorant

NATRUE-certified active, DEOBIOME NONI™ – The Biological Deodorant , is a revolutionary prebiotic deodorant treatment that aligns with Vytrus’ commitment to natural and sustainable beauty solutions.

The concept of Biological Deodorant is defined by a hybrid approach based on two strategies. On the one hand, a Biological strategy: plant anti-Quorum Sensing molecules that prevent the formation of bacterial communication and unwanted biofilms involved in generating bad smell. On the other hand, a Prebiotic strategy: DEOBIOME NONI™ , made from plant stem cells of Morinda citifrolia, known as the Noni plant, represents an innovative prebiotic cocktail based on sugars that modifies the metabolism of commensal microbiota of the skin from lipids to polysaccharides, avoiding the production of malodorous molecules.

This NATRUE approval underscores Vytrus’dedication to offering products that prioritize both efficacy and environmental consciousness.

Explore further details about this NATRUE-approved active here.