Vytrus’ DNA, formed by plants and people, builds its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility interconnecting the transversal axes of its organization with the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Global Compact for 2030.

In the Vytrus’ DNA we find the true sense of corporate social responsibility, with values that are highly integrated in its activity, such as sustainability, demonstrating a high commitment to the environment, and the human team, one of the main assets of our value chain, who make the project grow and defines the company’s awareness of social responsibility.

Conxita Rusinés, Head of People and Corporate Social Responsibility



The CSR of our company is structured by 4 essential and transversal axes: People, the Planet, the Company and Social Commitment.

Let’s discover each one of them!


Each of our axes seeks to contribute to the fulfillment of the 10 principles of the Global Compact and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.


The power of a smile

Vytrus’ human team, its people, is one of the main assets of its value chain. At Vytrus we motivate and involve the team in decision-making, placing them at the heart of the business and encouraging them to be ambassadors for our brand.

We apply actions that allow us to enhance their development, allowing them to exploit their capacities, increasing their efficiency and productivity, with the aim that the team is satisfied with everything they contribute to Vytrus and feel motivated and happy, thus generating a feeling of belonging that creates a close and lasting bond with the project.

The recruitment and retention of talent is among the main objectives of Vytrus’ Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.” says Conxita.

And not only the team, customers and shareholders are the pillars of Vytrus, but there are other key stakeholders for the development of our company: distributors, suppliers, collaborators, and others, who are treated with a direct and personal communication, with care and respect.



Returning to nature what nature has given us

Sustainability and the future of the planet is in everyone’s hands. How you work, consume, and face the day to day to be more respectful with the environment is key. By changing small things, we can achieve a bigger positive impact and a more sustainable company.

At Vytrus we endorse a business model that enables the combination of Innovation and Sustainability with economic progress, fully committed to respecting the planet and the consumer.

We firmly believe in sustainable cosmetics: “Returning to nature what nature has given us“, a project of Vytrus commitment with the planet and with nature. It is a “socially responsible investment”: the company allocates a percentage of the turnover of its cosmetic ingredients to collaborate with social, scientific and / or research projects related to the preservation of natural heritage, the environment and plant protection. In this sense, Vytrus prioritizes dedicating efforts to proximity projects as a sign of commitment to the nearby environment.

The current projects with we generate a positive impact on nature are detailed below:

  • Agreement with the University of Jaén for the protection and conservation of different species of the genus Sarcocapnos
  • Collaboration with the IRTA (Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology of Catalonia) to investigate and preserve 80 traditional Catalan olive varieties
  • Custody of a unique forest in the Vall d’en Bas (Catalonia) through Sèlvans association to preserve 25 hectares of holm oak for 25 years, as a forest reserve of high ecological value





Aligned with our philosophy, at Vytrus we are committed to an economic profitability, characterized by a sustained growth of the company over time while being committed to corporate social responsibility and respect for the environment.

We are based on a principle of conscious cosmetics: a new way of acting for the cosmetic industry, being truly natural with effective and ingredients and formulations that take care of the environment. Committing ourselves to conserve nature, protect plant biodiversity and the planet’s genetic resources. We believe that nature is the most powerful source of health and beauty.

Consciousness is an attitude that characterizes Vytrus business strategy. The decisions and lines of action are coherent and integral with its values, and in all the areas where are developed. We use the natural resources of the nearby environment, understanding that global sustainability begins at the local and closest level.

For this reason, the attitude of the team is essential, and to permeate this awareness throughout the organization, the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee has been created, with the objective of taking a critical look from the inside out, through teamwork, to put sustainability and CSR at the center of Vytrus. It aims to generate reflection and debate to introduce improvements and changes in processes and in the way of working, proposing initiatives and actions that contribute to generate a positive impact from any area of ​​the business, thus developing and implementing the Vytrus’ Corporate Social Responsibility project.




Society, solidarity and cooperation

Vytrus’ commitment is evidenced in his closest social environment through solidarity and cooperation:

  • Participation in the reforestation of a burned area in Collserola (Catalonia)
  • Donation to the Sant Joan de Deu Hospital (Barcelona)
  • Contribution to the Food Bank ‘El Rebost’ of the city of Terrassa (Catalonia)

We promote the dissemination of knowledge participating in the organization of trainings in different organizations, universities and schools and we welcome students of end-of-cycle and career internships, creating job opportunities.

We continue working and evaluating proximity alliances with entities, associations and projects with which we share synergies, in order to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).