Elaya Renova™

The Hair Tensegrist





About the active

Unique haircare skinification approach to improve hair & scalp Tensegrity.

ELAYA RENOVA™ is a natural active that boosts hair tensegrity, an arquitecture-inspired concept which considers scalp, hair follicle, and hair shaft where all parts are interconnected and the whole hair system is revitalized with a plant strategy.

Recognitions and Certificates

Mechanism of action

Revitalizing and reinforcing the whole scalp & hair structure
Protein carbonylation prevention and protection from oxidative stress and high temperatures
Boosting whole hair structure of CMC, proteins
Delivering nutrients to hair fibers and enhancing penetration

The concept

Tensegrity is a concept inspired by arquitecture. It explains how changes applied to an area will also exert effects at a distance because everything is interconnected.

A skyscraper must have a good tensegrity (strong enough, but also flexible enough to resist the wind at high altitude). Following this analogy, a healthy hair must have a good tensegrity (strong enough, but also flexible enough to be manageable, soft, easy to comb and maintaining its natural movement).

This integral vision of tensegrity has been transferred to the hair structure, launching the new cosmetic approach of TrichoTensegrity, appealing to the importance of scalp and hair structure and its influence on hair mechanical properties and biology behavior. Hair shaft and scalp are intimately interconnected as a continuum and each part is interdependent from the others.

The plant

ELAYA RENOVA ™ is made from plant stem cells of the wild olive tree sprouts (Olea europaea var. silvestris) through the technology of Plant Cell Biofactories.

Olive trees are characterized for their resilience against drought and high temperatures, their vitality and their longevity. Specifically, this ancestral Mediterranean plant has been chosen because it is an expert in lipids maintains more genetic diversity, providing the whole hair system with a revitalizing capacity through this active.


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Hair anchoring & colour protection treatments

Soothing, rebalancing & anti desquamation scalp formulations

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Capilia Longa™

Make your Hair Sprout Again


delay of hair loss



About the active

Hair growth reactivation by genuine plant growth factors.

CAPILIA LONGA™ is a natural active ingredient that improves density in hair, eyebrows and eyelashes through a biological approach. It produces an epigenetic reset of the hair bulb, re-starting the activity of dermal papilla cells.

Recognitions and Certificates

Mechanism of action

Boosting of hair growth, density, and quality
Delay of hair loss and reset of hair cycle
Activation the hair follicle regeneration
Stimulation of bulb microcirculation and nutrition

The concept

Hair loss is a problem that affects men and women and has diverse origins, but despite the different etiologies, there is a common link between them: dermal papilla cells become latent and all the hair growth processes stop.

Plant tissues and human hair work in a very similar way: they are both rooted, have seasonal behavior, fall in autumn, absorb nutrients from a surrounding micro-environment and have a pool of very active stem cells. Also, plant and animal growth factors have very similar functions and Vytrus efficiently uses plant growth factors for hair growth applications.

The plant

The Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a tropical and subtropical plant characterized by the existence of very ramified, cylindrical and orange rhizomes, modified roots that act as storage and resistance organs. They grow endlessly and have excellent regenerative properties.

Curcuma longa is one of the most studied plants in biomedicine, having a huge potential, with more than 230 different compounds described, more than 400 pre-clinic assays and more than 3.000 publications sowing its multiple properties (anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, antimicrobial, DNA protecting, etc.).


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Formulations for eyelash & eyebrow growth and fragile hair

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