We are based on a principle of conscious cosmetics.

The third pilar of Vytrus CSR is based on a principle of conscious cosmetics: a new way of acting for the cosmetic industry, being truly natural with effective and ingredients and formulations that take care of the environment.

Committing ourselves to conserve nature, protect plant biodiversity and the planet’s genetic resources. We believe that nature is the most powerful source of health and beauty. Consciousness is an attitude that characterizes Vytrus business strategy. The decisions and lines of action are coherent and integral with its values, and in all the areas where are developed. We use the natural resources of the nearby environment, understanding that global sustainability begins at the local and closest level

Technology with a sustainable approach

Arable Soil



less arable soil compared to traditional methods




water savings compared to traditional crops

Carbon Footprint

reduce of carbon footprint compared to traditional crops


Possibility of working with exotic plants: threatened and endemic species.
Minimal impact on the ecosystem. Just a seed or a tiny part of the plant is enough to develop a cellular line.
Herbicides and pesticides free
Environmentally friendly
No listed allergens.
COSMOS and ECOCERT certified


ISO certified Vytrus
Proof of the value and commitment as a socially responsible company is our ISO 9001: 2015 certification, which is the World Reference in Business Quality Management. It is designed to help organizations ensure that they meet the needs and expectations of both customers and other stakeholders, based on internationally recognized quality management principles established by the International Standards Organization (ISO). It is a fundamental tool that helps us drive success, profitability and market potential, as well as the continuous improvement of our internal processes and the customer experience.
Vytrus certified in GMPs Cosmetic Ingredient (EFfCI)
At Vytrus Biotech we obtained the Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics Ingredients (GMPs certificate) certificate, being the first biotechnology SME in the country to obtain it and thus joining the 9 Spanish companies to obtain this recognition. With this certificate we intend to guarantee the safety of the final consumer, as well as the prevention of cross contamination and microbiological contamination. The GMP accredits companies for good management of key guidelines to be used in the pharmaceutical industry and guarantees quality and safety in the production of cosmetic ingredients.
Vytrus recognized with EcoVadis Platinum Medal 2021
The corporate social responsibility of the company has led Vytrus to achieve the Ecovadis certification (Platinum Medal) in its second year of evaluation, only achieved by 1% of the companies evaluated worldwide. In 2020, Vytrus also achieved Ecovadis Silver in its first year of assessment. Ecovadis is an international global qualification platform that evaluates Corporate Social Responsibility in more than 75,000 companies around the world. It covers non-financial management systems: the impact on the environment, labor practices, human rights, ethics, and sustainable purchasing.
Innovative PYME recognition to Vytrus by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities of Spain
With this certification, Vytrus is recognized as a company committed to innovation, a key factor for economic and social development. This public recognition is granted to organizations that meet certain requirements that demonstrate their innovative character in order to establish a public policy that helps them to grow and become sustainable.
Vytrus member of
At Vytrus we are committed to cooperation and mutual enrichment between companies, seeking synergies and collaboration formulas.

For this reason, after attending the RSC.pime training program, Vytrus accepted the invitation of to be a member of their organization. An opportunity to participate with the aim of promoting a qualitative and quantitative leap in CSR in Catalonia, in a space for debate and collaboration with other companies. Thus, Vytrus wants to continue developing its CSR project focused as a strategic and cultural factor of the company, cooperating in the achievement of the sustainable development objectives (SDG).

In addition, Vytrus obtained the certificate of good practices issued by, which can be consulted here.
Vytrus Code of Ethics

Biotechnology based on Ethics

Vytrus has approved a Code of Ethics (Principles of Business Conduct) common for all members of the organization, with which it intends to provide itself with a structure of regulatory compliance, ethics and corporate social responsibility that not only adapts to current legislation, but also meet the best standards and practices for business ethics, regulatory compliance and corporate social responsibility in your industry. A fundamental part of this structure is made up of this Code of Ethics, which establishes the principles, values ​​and basic lines of action of its entire system.