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Plant Stories

Discovering Turmeric and its real power

Turmeric, an ancient plant, is well know for its antioxidant and wound healing capacities amongst others. What if biotechnology showed you different plant molecules?

Vytrus’s biotechnology platforms allow us to make these plant regenerative properties bioavailable for skin and hair care. Discover more about how Vytrus works with Turmeric!
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Vytrus TV

Formulating from nature

Peptide Bubbles

There is a need of a global approximation to deal with this individualized aging signs, which is now a concern for our lives. Vytrus has found a plant strategy that reverse the cell senescence and rebuilds the core skin structure.

Vytrus' essential oil-to-foam cleanser in K-Beauty removes hydro and lipophilic impurities, such as makeup and pollution. Its transformative texture, combining an oily feel and heat effect, turns into a mild foam with water. Enhanced by CENTELLA REVERSA™, it ensures clean, nourished skin, ready for further skincare.
Formula - Peptide Bubbles PDF

Eco-umbrella - Our premium photoprotector formulation

A photodamaged microbiota negatively impacts on the skin photoageing process.

This photoprotection formulation takes daily care of both the skin and the microbiota, leaving a light sensation on the skin. It is a tinted emulsion where our active PHOTOBIOME helps skin microbiota photoprotect itself while unifying skin tone.
Formula - Eco-umbrella PDF

Purple Rain: An awarded formulation

Our microbiota ages, directly impacting the aging of our skin. Taking care of the microbiota by applying this formulation has a rejuvenating effect on the skin. We want to present you, Purple Rain, the Microbiota re-youth peel-off mask.

This formulation has 2 steps. The first one is a pectin based gel with holographic pigments that create 3D optical effects. The second one is a mist that when applied on the mask, the pectin changes its structure and it can be easily peeled-off. With this formulation, containing QUORA NONI™ biomics, we obtain a firmer, smoother, more even, resilient, and soothed skin.
Formula - Purple Rain PDF

Neurocosmetics by Trendy

Emotions and feelings are becoming an increasing concern for consumers when it comes to personal care.

In the Neurocosmetics Trends, Vytrus provides new cosmetic concepts on how to deal with the brain-skin connection from a biotechnological approach, considering also the skin microbiota in this axis.
Neurocosmetics trend PDF
Formula - Melting dream PDF
Formula - Peaceful hydration PDF
Formula - Inside out PDF
Formula - Natural age PDF

Friendly Beauty by Trendy

Friendly beauty is born from the need of real cosmetic products that we can believe in, beyond niche claims. Something real, effective and friendly to skin, soul and environment.

Enjoy this formulation concept designed by Vytrus!
Friendly Beauty trend PDF
Formula - Friendly skin PDF
Formula - Rich and respectful PDF
Formula - Lift your spirits PDF
Formula - Deo Breeze PDF

Microbiome by Trendy

Plants have been refining their strategy to interact with microbes for billions of years. Why not taking advantage of this ancient knowledge and use it into our own skin microbiome?

Discover our biological approach to work with the skin microbiota!
Microbiome trend PDF
Formula - Perfect touch PDF
Formula - Mood me now PDF
Formula - Deo Balance PDF
Formula - Fresh and pure PDF
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Vytrus TV

Innovating with Plant Stem Cells

Plasma Rich in Cell Factors: Adaptability

In the world of plants, there are incredible capacities to be discovered. Vytrus uses their power of ADAPTABILITY to provide innovative solutions for skin and hair care thanks to biotechnology.

Discover more about this biotechnological platform!
PRCF Technology PDF

Phyto-Peptidic Fractions: Vitality

VITALITY is a powerful plant property that Vytrus transfers to skin and hair care through natural active ingredients.

Discover more about this biotechnological platform!
PPF Technology PDF

Phyto-Lipidic Fractions: Communication

Did you know that plants have developed smart COMMUNICATION mechanisms? Those capacities can be applied to skin and hair care through biotechnology, and Vytrus has achieved it.

Discover more about this biotechnological platform!
PLF Technology PDF

Phyto-Glucidic Fractions: Efficiency

EFFICIENCY is one of the top properties within the plant world. Through biotechnology, Vytrus is able to transform this capacity in unique active ingredients for skin and hair care.

Discover more about this biotechnological platform!
PGF Technology PDF