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Plant Stories

Discovering Turmeric and its real power

Turmeric, an ancient plant, is well know for its antioxidant and wound healing capacities amongst others. What if biotechnology showed you different plant molecules?

Vytrus’s biotechnology platforms allow us to make these plant regenerative properties bioavailable for skin and hair care. Discover more about how Vytrus works with Turmeric!
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Vytrus TV

Formulating from nature

Neurocosmetics by Trendy

Emotions and feelings are becoming an increasing concern for consumers when it comes to personal care.

In the Neurocosmetics Trends, Vytrus provides new cosmetic concepts on how to deal with the brain-skin connection from a biotechnological approach, considering also the skin microbiota in this axis.
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Vytrus TV

Innovating with Plant Stem Cells

Plasma Rich in Cell Factors: Adaptability

In the world of plants, there are incredible capacities to be discovered. Vytrus uses their power of ADAPTABILITY to provide innovative solutions for skin and hair care thanks to biotechnology.

Discover more about the Phyto-Lipidic Fractions!
PRCF Technology PDF