Capilia Longa™ wins Beauty Industry Award 2019

March 13, 2017

Vytrus Biotech has won the Hair Care Ingredient category for the European Region of the Beauty Industry Awards, with the product for hair growth Capilia Longa. As Regional winners, Vytrus is now a finalist in the Global Awards, that will be announced by the end of March.

The Beauty Industry Awards, are presented by the globally recognized editors of  CosmeticsDesign and, as they state in their website, they “award the most significant ground breaking  and far reaching innovations in the cosmetics and personal care industry while simultaneously championing the expertise that has made it all possible.”

More than 250 submissions from around the world were received. The awards include 7 categories, 5 of them for best ingredients (in Hair Care, Skin Care, Color Cosmetics, Sensory and Ingredient in a Finished Product) and there are 3 regional winners for each category, one for each of these 3 regions: Europe, Asia Pacific and The Americas. Now, the regional winners are being considered by a new panel of judges for the global championship. The 7 global winners will be announced at the end of March, and both them and the regional finalists will be celebrated on Tuesday 4th, during In-Cosmetics 2017 at the stand of CosmeticsDesign.

According to the presentation of the awards made by the website in December, in the category of best hair care ingredient, judges were particularly looking out for functionality and competitive edge, ease of formulation, environmental attributes and cost effectiveness. In these aspects, Capilia Longa™ has outstanding results in the clinical trials (up to 89% hair loss reduction, up to 52% hair density increase and an average of 13500 new hairs), compared to competitor ingredients it is clearly the one with the highest efficacy (it’s average hair density increase is 17%, more than double compared to its closest competitor), it is completely safe and can be used continuously, works at 1% dosage, offers growth factor-like effect with two completely new activities never described before and costs around 10 times less than a reference pharma drug for similar application like Minoxidil. Also it can be formulated in a wide range of hair care formulations and the technology used to make it is highly sustainable.

This represents the first international award won by a Vytrus ingredient, with its first own ingredient launched on 2014, less than 3 years ago. Capilia Longa™ was launched in Paris during In-Cosmetics 2016 and it can already be found in the formulation of several cosmetic products worldwide.