Baolift™: Your Skin Workout

April 15, 2024

Vytrus has created a 100% natural ingredient that activates the molecular mechanisms of exercise in the skin, improving muscle tone for a lifted skin appearance.

This innovative product has been selected as a nominee for the Innovation Awards at in-cosmetics Global 2024, the premier international event for personal care ingredients. It will be featured by the Vytrus technical team at their booth, 2F58 in New Hall 2 next to the Innovation Zone, from April 16-18 in Paris (France).

Leveraging advanced plant biotechnology, BAOLIFT™ is a pioneering a new approach to skincare by simulating a fitness regimen at a cellular level, enhancing skin’s molecular mechanisms to deliver an efficient V-lifting effect and a rejuvenated appearance. By mirroring the benefits of a physical workout, BAOLIFT™ targets the enhancement of skin resilience and vitality, offering users a path to ‘Fit-Skin’ through a unique cosmetic solution.

The Workout Factor: a new biological approach in the skin well-ageing

Exercise transforms our bodies improving muscle tone and enhances the physical performance and our well-being as we age. Imagine if similar benefits could be achieved for your skin, solely through cosmetics.

Vytrus has developed a pioneering approach to skincare by mimicking a physical exercise for the facial skin, based on understanding the coordinated exercise response involving the exercise secretome: the Workout Factor. This is characterized as the key axis to harness the biochemistry of exercise and help simultaneously stimulate epidermal and muscular workout factors, promoting enhanced communication through the Skin-Fascia-Muscle axis. This new biological axis is a bidirectional communication network where the skin cells activate muscle cells, which in turn transfer exercise benefits to the skin through the Fascia (the interchanger).

BAOLIFT™ is a 100% natural active ingredient from the stem cells of baobab (Adansonia digitata). Originated in Africa, baobab tree stands out for its mechanical resistance, long life and high nutritional value. Considered as as a superfood in sports and wellbeing due to its substantial calcium and quality protein content.

This active represents a significant leap forward in the integration of biotechnology and fitness-inspired skincare, offering  cosmetic formulators new pathways to formulate firming, strengthening and anti-sagging formulations for face, eye contour and body care with a sustainable solution based on plant biotechnology:

  • Products for a fit & shaped skin
  • Formulations to reduce under eye bags
  • Strengthening & toning formulas to reduce sagging
  • V-lifting treatments

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