Photobiome receives BSB Innovation Award 2023 in asset innovation

March 31, 2023

Vytrus Biotech has received the prize in 2023 BSB Innovation Awards for our natural active PHOTOBIOME – the microbiota photoprotector.

The active ingredient has been ranked on the 1st position in the BSB Innovation Awards in the 2023 edition in the category of Raw Materials. An award that recognizes the biotech active for its creative approach due to its biophysical mechanism of action based on a plant strategy.

PHOTOBIOME  opens the door to a new category of Microbial Antioxidants by helping our skin microbiota photoprotect itself by protecting and nourishing bacteria, modulating the release of its own natural photo-defense molecules that improves the signs of the photoageing process on the skin. PHOTOBIOME involves a new paradigm in the suncare and well-ageing markets and a step forward and a scientific discovery in the microbiota field.

This new category of biotechnology-based active ingredients offers cosmetic formulations new pathways to protect and repair skin photodamage with a sustainable solution based on plant biotechnology such as preventive & treating antioxidant formulations; products to take care of wrinkles (crow’s feet area, bar code, eye contour); preventive & reparative suncare formulations; treatments to improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Our 2022 milestones

January 10, 2023
We wanted to say goodbye to 2022 by looking back at our milestones along the past year.

A new brand identity

That represents our passion for innovation and nature, with a new website that allows us to connect with our community even better.

A new Vytrus TV channel

To share knowledge, the power of nature and how we respectfully make the most of it to benefit our skin and hair health.

Joining BME Growth market

This step is an important milestone in our journey. Listing on the Spanish stock market allows us to think even more ambitiously at the R&D level. The door is opened to a world of possibilities and new lines of research with great market potential, and this allows us to continue exploring possibilities even in other sectors where our technology has application potential.

Our innovations for skincare and haircare application:

  • Quora Noni™ biomics, a 100% natural active from Morinda plant stem cells 🌱 that helps our skin look younger by rejuvenating our skin microbiota for the first time in cosmetics.
  • Elaya Renova™, a 100% natural active from wild olive tree stem cells, that brings an architecture-inspired concept to the hair system to revitalize and strengthen both hair and scalp and achieve a global hair skinification.

Our company recognitions

  • Cinco Días Innovation Award

Recognize us with an Award for the most innovative entrepreneurial action linked to the University. Vytrus was born at the University of Barcelona, became an industrial and independent company and believe in working on alliances with the university


  • BBVA Award in Environmental Sustainability

At the corporate level, our business model and technology won the first position in the BBVA awards for innovation in environmental sustainability in May 2022.

Our ingredient recognitions

Our latest innovation in skincare, QUORA NONI™ biomics, has been awarded at Cosmetorium 2022 through its inclusion in a sustainable and innovative formulation ‘Purple Rain – the microbiota re-youth peel-off mask’.

Our latest innovation in haircare, ELAYA RENOVA™, was recognised with the Silver Best Ingredient Award at in-cosmetics Asia 2022, after winning the Gold award at in-cosmetics Latin America 2022. The cosmetic industry recognises its great level of science and concept behind globally.

Finally, NECTARIA LITHOPS™, our active for vitamin D stimulation, was awarded with BSB Innovation Award 2022, in the category of most innovative raw material.

Our CSR Alliances


This collaboration will allow the adaptation of a space that will serve about 500 people annually to improve their neurological health, in addition to offering training and the possibility of expanding the corporate volunteer network, among other advantages.


Vytrus Biotech signed a collaboration agreement with the Red Cross which involves, among other things, a contribution of resources for the Socio-educational Accompaniment Space and the Lunchroom Scholarship for young people at the Montperdut High School in Terrassa (Barcelona, Spain).

Our collaboration will guarantee adolescents adequate clothing and a balanced diet every day of the year, facilitating their growth, development and improving their school performance.

New members of the Vytrus team

Our Regulatory and Sales teams have grown, increasing our Vytrus family to build strong relationships with our stakeholders and expand in the main markets where Vytrus operates.

Global presence in the leading trade fairs

Glad to be able to connect with you at in-cosmetics Global, Green Beauty Congress, Cosmetics Business Munich, Hair Care Summit, in-cosmetics Latin America, HPCI Warsaw, Cosmetorium, in-cosmetics Asia, Cosmetorama, SEPAWA, RAQCA Congress, SCS Formulate, Making Cosmetics, and much more.

A big thank you to our customers, distributors, shareholders, and collaborators for one more year by our side. Thanks for your trust and choosing the path of a sustainable and innovative cosmetic approach. A special Thank you, our great Vytrus team, for making all this happen. You have made this growth possible and will be the core of our journey. We hope to continue giving our best in the new year ahead. Welcome, 2023!

Our first patent in Europe, USA and Japan for hair loss prevention and treatment

January 5, 2023
Vytrus Biotech has achieved the approval of its first patent in Europe, United States and Japan.

The patent has been registered under the name of “PEPTIDES AND PHARMACEUTICAL, NUTRACEUTICAL OR VETERINARY COMPOSITIONS FOR HAIR LOSS PREVENTION AND/OR TREATMENT” granted by the European Patent Office, the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the Japan Patent Office.

Europe, USA and Japan have granted the Spanish stock market-listed company with a patent in the field of hair loss prevention and treatment, framed within the proprietary firm’s biotechnology platform called Phyto-Peptidic Fractions. Through this platform, Vytrus has developed several active ingredients from plant stem cells for applications in skincare and haircare.

The patent covers the activity of one of its cosmetic innovations – Capilia Longa™. This 100% natural active from Turmeric stem cells is full of plant growth factors (plant peptides) that re-activate the hair growth, nourish the hair, as well as regenerate the hair follicle in a global approach based on nature and a sustainable and efficient biotechnology.

This triple patent approval is an international recognition of the uniqueness of the Phyto-Peptidic Fractions technology successfully developed by Vytrus. A milestone for the biotechnology company that promotes its guarantee, solidity and confidence in front of its clients, distributors, shareholders and collaborators.

Season’s Greetings from Vytrus

December 15, 2022

On behalf of Vytrus founding partners and team, we wish you a festive season with joyful moments.

Christmas is a time to be thankful. Thank you for trusting in our innovations that contribute to a more sustainable planet and cosmetic industry.

Thank you, partners, clients, distributors, shareholders, suppliers and collaborators, for one more year alongside us.

Our best wishes, happy holiday season and a prosperous new year.

Alliance between Red Cross and Vytrus Biotech

November 21, 2022
On 17 November Vytrus Biotech signed a collaboration agreement with the Red Cross of Terrassa which involves, among other things, a contribution of resources for the Socio-educational Accompaniment Space and the Lunchroom Scholarship for young people at the Montperdut High School in Terrassa (Barcelona).

The Red Cross develops different projects and programs in the city for the most disadvantaged groups, detected through the knowledge of the territory and the environment. In accordance with its mission, the Red Cross needs the commitment of the companies of Terrassa and its collaboration in different initiatives to achieve a better development of the local community.

Through this collaboration with Red Cross, Vytrus will contribute resources to the Socio-educational Accompaniment Space project and canteen grants for socially vulnerable young people at the Montperdut High School in Terrassa which, until now, was managed by the Red Cross organization with the institution’s own funds.

This collaboration will guarantee adolescents adequate clothing and a balanced diet every day of the year, facilitating their growth, development and improving their school performance.

In addition, Vytrus’ team will have the opportunity to do corporate volunteering to participate in the project, which at the same time they will be a reference point for these young people who so need to know about other realities.

This agreement is part of the Social Commitment axis of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility and will contribute to promoting entities with local projects that bring added value and well-being to society.

Vytrus awarded at Cosmetorium 2022

October 4, 2022
For the fourth consecutive year, Vytrus Biotech has been present at the edition of Cosmetorium 2022, the national reference fair of the cosmetic sector that took place on September 28th and 29th at the Palau de Congresos in Barcelona. The company has been awarded for its sustainable and innovative formulation with Quora Noni™ biomics, its latest active ingredient launched on the market.
Vytrus' winning formulation (Purple Rain: Microbiota re-youth peel-off mask), is an innovative, effective, and sustainable mask thanks to the careful choice of all its components, from the ingredients to the packaging.

This formulation has two steps. The first is a pectin-based gel with holographic pigments that create 3D optical effects. The second is a spray that, when applied to the mask, changes its structure and helps to peel off easily the mask thanks to the pectin. With this formulation, which contains QUORA NONI™ biomics, we obtain a firmer, smoother, more even, resilient and soothed skin.

Our microbiota ages, having a direct impact on the aging of our skin. Taking care of the microbiota by applying this formulation has a rejuvenating effect on the skin. Purple Rain immediately provides great hydration and freshness, and delivers all the benefits of the key ingredient, QUORA NONI™ biomics.

At Cosmetorium, Vytrus has launched Quora Noni™ biomics, a 100% natural active ingredient from noni’s plant stem cells, capable of maintaining the youthfulness of the microbiota and, through it, the rejuvenation of the skin. Those attending the fair were able to see it first-hand at stand 122 and in the Innovatorium exhibition area, where it was presented together with Elaya Renova™, a 360º hair active ingredient made from wild olive stem cells that revitalizes, strengthens, and protects both hair and scalp for a healthy hair system, and which has been awarded the Gold Best Ingredient Award by in-cosmetics Latin America 2022.

In the Tech Focus sessions held at the fair, Vytrus participated with a presentation given by Òscar Exposito (CEO, CSO and co-founder) where the company’s latest innovation (Quora Noni™ biomics) was presented under the slogan “If you rejuvenate your microbiota, you rejuvenate your skin”, with a wide audience success.

More than ninety exhibitors participated in this sixth edition of Cosmetorium, organized by the SEQC and Step Exhibitions, where a record number of attendees has been beaten compared to previous editions and which has meant a successful return to normality and boost for the Spanish cosmetic industry.

Haven't you had the chance to meet us personally? You will find us at:

SEPAWA Congress (Berlin), In-Cosmetics Asia, 49º RAQCA (Argentina) and Making Cosmetics (Italy).

Elaya Renova™ awarded gold at In Cosmetics Latin America 2022

October 3, 2022
Vytrus has received the Gold Award at in-cosmetics Latin America 2022 for its active ingredient ELAYA RENOVA™.
The active has been ranked in the Gold position at in-cosmetics Latin America in the 2022 edition. An award that recognizes the best ingredients in the Innovation Zone.

Elaya Renova™ is a 100% natural active ingredient from the stem cells of the olive tree (Olea europaea var. sylvestris). This ancestral Mediterranean plant possesses great resistance, vitality, and longevity. Elaya Renova™ concentrates these properties in an innovative and unique hair care ingredient.

The product has a unique composition: a proteolipid matrix capable of nourishing and revitalizing both hair and scalp. It acts synergistically to protect, restructure, regenerate and beautify the hair and scalp.

The active brings a new perspective to hair care: Tensegrity, a concept inspired by architecture based on a new holistic approach that considers the scalp, hair follicle and hair shaft as interconnected parts, where the whole hair system is revitalized.

We have been inspired by the Mediterranean olive tree, a tree rich in lipids and proteins and characterized by its vitality, genetic diversity, and resistance. The active concentrate of the olive tree can provide revitalizing properties to the entire hair system.

Thanks to the lipid and protein reinforcement offered by the active ingredient, Elaya Renova™, we can deeply moisturize and protect the hair from deterioration by high temperatures or sunlight, restructure and replenish it to achieve a healthy hair system and consequently make it look beautiful.

Find out more about this revolutionary active ingredient here.

Collaboration agreement between AVAN and Vytrus

July 14, 2022
Vytrus has signed a collaboration agreement with the private foundation AVAN, a non-profit organization that offers therapeutic, associative and leisure support to people affected by neurological diseases and their families or caregivers. AVAN was founded in 1993 in the city of Terrassa, and is currently present in Sabadell, Rubí, Sant Cugat and Castellar del Vallès, with the aim of improving the quality of life of people, sharing values such as commitment to care, proximity, and continuity.

This framework agreement includes different synergies between both parties, such as participation in activities organized by the Foundation through Vytrus corporate volunteering. It includes social, cultural, sports, training, and informative activities and, most importantly, includes a commitment to finance the construction of the building that will be the new Avan Center in Terrassa.

This project has the support of the Terrassa City Council, which is lending the Pont Aurell i Armengol industrial building, as well as that of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Diputació de Barcelona and the Cambra de Comerç de Terrassa (Terrassa Chamber of Commerce). Following a public-private model, to achieve a local center of reference in the field of neurology.

We are very excited about this alliance, adding up to make this project aimed at the welfare and health of the people of our city a reality. And since it means continuing to promote the Vytrus CSR project, based on 4 axes: people, company, planet, and social commitment. Thus promoting local projects of shared value in society.
Conxita Rusinés
Corporate Social Responsibility Manager and People Management

Green Beauty Congress: commitment to natural cosmetics

May 31, 2022

Vytrus Biotech will participate in the Green Beauty Congress (GBC), the natural cosmetics spanish forum held in online format on June 8 organized by Beauty Cluster, the largest Spanish-speaking beauty cluster, and Mentactiva, the online school of natural cosmetics formulation for entrepreneurs. This year, the GBC revolves around respect for the oceans, framed in the World Oceans Day (June 8) and will be in digital format to share and exchange information and discuss the strategy and marketing of a natural product, regulation, formulation and market.

Through a full program of conferences, the event will bring together industry professionals, formulation students, media, associations, institutions and research centers, the latest news on a green trend that has arrived to become the only real alternative.

Among the speakers on the program is our CEO, CSO and co-founder, Òscar Expósito, who will give a session in Spanish on June 8 at 10.20 AM (Spanish time), on our holistic approach to skin and hair health from the principles of ecology. This approach is framed in the importance of water and oceans in the ecosystem, where biotechnology allows us to reduce its use by almost 99% and contribute to a sustainable and respectful cosmetics with such a precious resource as water.

This event aims to highlight the value of natural cosmetics and provide a closer look at a booming field for both professionals in the sector and others interested in getting into it. An approach to both trends and innovation and progress in regulatory terms in this regard, as well as the demystification and clarification of concepts that can lead to confusion in our sector.
Óscar Expósito
CEO, CSO and co-founder of Vytrus

Our co-founder was interviewed by Industria Cosmética magazine to present the pillars of Vytrus based on sustainability and innovation, its involvement to achieve a green cosmetics industry and its participation in the Green Beauty Congress. You can access the full interview here.

We encourage you to attend our talk and to collaborate with the crowdfunding campaign in benefit of The Ocean Cleanup Foundation, which will raise funds until June 19, to achieve a greener and bluer cosmetics industry.

To register for the GBC click here, we look forward to seeing you!

First BBVA Sustainable Innovation Award for Vytrus

May 27, 2022

The Fundació Antigues Caixes Catalanes (FACC) and BBVA, after announcing the BBVA Award for Innovation in Environmental Sustainability for SMEs and freelancers, awarded Vytrus Biotech for its environmentally friendly business proposal.

This year, Vytrus Biotech, together with Fitplanet, have been recognized as winners of the BBVA Award for Innovation in Environmental Sustainability, an award in which El Periódico collaborates and which aims to promote innovation and sustainability in business, in accordance with goals 7, 12 and 13 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN.

The award ceremony took place on May 25 at the emblematic Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site (Barcelona), which was covered by the media.

At Vytrus we have managed to cultivate plant stem cells from which we develop active ingredients for natural cosmetics to improve people’s health. An environmentally friendly process thanks to our biotechnological platforms.

The key is that crops that in nature would occupy a hectare, here they grow in 80 square meters; and what would otherwise need about 10,000 liters of water, here is achieved with little more than one. It is a very significant change: we produce much more with much less. We already have the answers here, we just need to observe how nature works.
Òscar Expósito
CEO, CCO and co-founder

This award is a recognition to a sustainable, innovative, and profitable business model such as Vytrus and a new vision of cosmetics from biotechnology, science, and inspiration through nature to bet on an environmentally friendly cosmetics industry.

Video in Catalan of the presentation of the finalists for the BBVA award