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Relax the Stress of your Brain-Skin connection

Welcome to the cosmetics of emotions, it is time to make your skin speak for you

  • The Anti-stress wrinkles
  • Emotional Hydration Manager
  • Modulator of Brain-skin connection 
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The product:

Is a glycerin based product derived from the cultured and lysed Curcuma longa rhizome cells obtained by our Plant Cell Biofactories Technology Platform. Rich in diarylheptanoids (mainly curcumin), TURMERIA ZEN PRCF represents a new activity profile for Curcuma longa claiming the Plasma Rich in Cell Factors™ as a new combination of bioactives (metabolome) from this plant. This metabolome is rich in stress-related cell factors, specially designed to act synergistically against the harmful effects of stress, modulating the brain-skin connection. 


The plant:

Curcuma longa is a tropical and subtropical plant characterized by the existence of very ramified, cylindrical and orange rhizomes. These rhizomes are a modified root that act as a storage and resistance organ. They grow endlessly and have excellent regenerative properties. Curcuma longa is the most studied plant in biomedicine, having a huge potential, with more than 230 different compounds described, and more than 3.000 publications showing its multiple properties (antioxidant,  anti-inflammatory,  wound healing, antimicrobial, DNA protection, etc.). 


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