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A Pro-Tolerance relief for sensitive Skin

A Pro-tolerance relief for sensitive skin

Going beyond skin soothing: building up the skin tolerance

  • Targeting the silent inflammation
  • Strengthener of skin level of tolerance
  • Stem cells super-defense
  • A solution for long-term redness
  • Age defying Protector: inflammation, free radicals, DNA oxidation
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The Product:


Is a glycerin based product derived from the cultured and lysed Daucus carota sativa (carrot) root stem cells obtained by our Plant Cell Biofactories Technology Platform. This unique product is cultivated in the presence of specific light conditions, while in normal conditions the root of the plant grows completely in the dark. Being exposed to light, the mechanisms to protect the cells from damage are induced, producing a very specific cocktail of bioactives. This includes polyphenolic antioxidant compounds, changes in the fatty acid production profiles to protect cell membranes, and phytosterols facing neurogenic inflammation, ending up in a specific PRCF: a Multi-active against daily environmental and chemical aggressors of threatened skin.  


The Plant: 


Originally from Asia, orange carrots appeared in Europe in the middle ages. They have gained popularity in the recent decades due to the increased awareness of their nutritional value, because of their content in carotenes and as a source of vitamin A, as well as phenolic and flavonoid antioxidant compounds. It has been showed in a great number of studies that the characteristics and composition of the carrot show interesting properties for the treatment of sensitive skin conditions.

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