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The Microbiome Communication Hacker

New Anti-acne mechanism of action: Anti-microbial Quorum Sensing

  • Acne prone skin microbiota re-balancing
  • Dynamic microbiota population control
  • Active skin pore size reduction
  • Guided skin sebum reduction
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The concept

Microbes talk to each other through a communication system called Quorum Sensing.  Virulence happens because bacteria speak with each other using these signals (Quormones), forming biofilms. Plants are constantly attacked by microorganisms, and they have developed several strategies to block and hack these communication signals, avoiding their organization into the virulent biofilm forms, by doing a real biochemical war. They have designed a genuine and smart system to fight against microbial communication, called Quorum Quenching, that uses Anti-Quormones. VYTRUS BIOTECH has designed a product that uses these Plant Anti-Quorum Sensing signals, disarming the bacteria by hacking their communication systems, just like plants do.


The plant

Morinda citrifolia, known as Noni, is native to Southeast Asia (Indonesia) and Australia. With more than 150 actives described, the Noni is used for more than 40 types of ailments worldwide, antitumor, anthelminthic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, immuno-stimulant, several skin diseases, urinary tract disorders, fever, diabetes, etc. Fourteen human clinical trials have validated the remarkable health benefits of Noni.


The product

QUORA NONI PRCF is the concentrated metabolome of totipotent cells from Noni which is rich in Anti-Quorum Sensing molecules (Anti-Quormones) specially designed for “dermohacking”: to act synergistically against Quorum Sensing mediated microbial dysbiosis while perfecting the skin appearance


QUORA NONI PRCF blocks the microbiome communication signals to avoid the formation of biofilms and the development of virulence, without killing or threatening the microbiota. It doesn’t contain antibiotics, avoiding the potential resistance that microbes can develop, and it is bacteriostatic, maintaining the microbiome balance. The active represents a new activity profile for this species claiming the Plasma Rich in Cell Factors™ as a new combination of bioactives (metabolome) from Morinda citrifolia.

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