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Our Inspiration, the Plants:



Plants are unique organisms that have the great ability to biosynthesize a wide variety of biochemical compounds.


There are more than 45.000 of them known and, developed during millions of years of evolution, this arsenal of compounds are the powerful weapons that plants use to grow, reproduce and defend themselves from the attack of other organisms.


At Vytrus Biotech we use the large biochemical potential of plants and the massive work carried out by them during millions of years of evolution to obtain new bioactive molecules.


We use the plant cell, basic unit of the plant, as a cellular factory that produces for us, in a fast an efficient way, the plant actives  of interest.


Through our technology, we can culture plant cells and direct their metabolism towards the production of the valued bioactive substances used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors.

Making the difference: Mimicking plant strategies



Vytrus Biotech differs from other companies in the way of how we develop our projects and use the plants.


The traditional way to obtain an active is to look for a plant that produces that active.


We don't look for actives first, but  think on how nature works and from the biology of plants, we develop  the products. 


We study which reactions plants have in specific environmental situations and conditions.


Ours are products thought from nature. We look for natural plant processes and strategies  and use them to develop ingredients, and that's what makes us innovative: We ask what plants do, and we mimic  that.