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Totipotent Cells

Plants have a constant pool of Totipotent cells.


Totipotent cells are also known as Plant Stem Cells. These cells can repair any damaged tissue, but also, a complete and functional plant can be regenerated from a single totipotent cell when being maintained under the appropriate conditions.


This exceptional regeneration potential of Totipotent cells is the base of Vytrus products.


Totipotent cells are an excellent and innovative source of active compounds for skin and hair care. 

Plant Cell Biofactories (PCB)

Through a designed process of cellular reprogramming (de-differentiation), Plant Stem Cells can be obtained from accurately selected plant tissues (explants). Plant Stem Cells cultures require very advanced technology to be grown and it must be performed entirely under sterile conditions.


This process is very specific and, for each plant species, appropriate conditions to obtain the pool of plant stem cells must be found in every step.


Both callus and liquid cell cultures are maintained under strict and controlled conditions, in order to achieve the totipotent plant cell line establishment. This ensures an endless source of high quality plant material.






1. First, the plant is cultured in vitro. Optimization of the agar culture medium is required for each plant. 





2. By biochemical signaling, totipotent cells are mobilized through a wound healing process. Signaling is optimized to avoid cicatrization and therefore totipotent cells grow but don’t differentiate. 





3. Once a sufficient cell density is achieved, totipotent cells are cultured in a selective growth medium to obtain the callus. Optimization of the agar culture medium is required for each plant. 





4. Finally, once the callus is established, totipotent cells are cultured in a liquid growth medium. Optimization of liquid culture medium is also required for each plant. 

These 4 steps are always the same, and the base of all our current products. From this point, the next steps to obtain the ingredients varies, depending on the category and type of desired product.


Molecular synergy is genuinely the foundation of this last part of the development process.

A technology with great competitive advantages...

  • Natural product with improved properties through Plant Biotechnology
  • Unlimited supply and controlled production conditions:

       -Constant production flow of active ingredient

        and  independent from external factors

        (weather, geopolitics…).

       -Stable quality and aseptic compliance.

       -Standardization of batches.

  • Minimal impact on ecosystems, independent from natural resources.
  • Highly eco-sustainable technology:

           -Drastic reduction of water use

           -Herbicides and Pesticides free

           -Heavy metals, VOC and BSE free

           -Significant reduction of Carbon Footprint

           -No use of arable soil

  • Able to exploit rare plants: close to extinction, endemisms, geopolitical issues, scarce bioactive yields from the plant, ...

The Art of Molecular Synergy: The Real Power of Plants

Plants don't work with just one highly concentrate molecule or with pure ones, they need the synergistic performance of a complex mixture of compounds.


Plants have developed sophisticated cocktails of molecules (phytocomplexes) to ensure their survival and spread. Being rooted, they cannot fight or run away from dangers like animals and due to this limiting situation, each plant species has evolved and developed, for millions of years, a very unique mechanism to defend itself from diverse dangers and threats (animals, microorganisms, climatic adversities, etc.). 



So why not take advantage of this natural and wise way of functioning?



Vytrus has discovered how to take profit of all this astonishing potential.




Plant stem cells contain and produce large quantities secondary metabolites and proactive essential substances such us amino acids, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and growth factors among others.    All these substances perform in a synergistic way to produce the dermocosmetic active principles of interest, they contribute to a better effectiveness of the product and to a strengthened cosmetic activity = Molecular Synergy